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Internal Gasoline Combustion Rock Drill

Main Features •Needless to replace the internals of the engine head,just handle the handle to operate it
•Easy to operate.More time-saving and effortless.Drilling faster and more efficient.
•Have reached the Tip-top level of the same field now,and allow to be replaced with the same kind of the domestic products.

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Description of internal gasoline combustion rock drill:

No external power source required, only driven by gasoline.

It is a small type of rock drill composed of the power machine, working machine and air compressor in one. It is powered by the small gasoline engine and used for drilling on the hard rock or rock with medium hardness.

Multiple function and portable with easy operation:

with anxiliary tools, can be also used for splitting rocks and temping the road bed. Portable with easy operation. Because it is self-powered, it is especially convenient to be used for projects without other power supply, or projects that are inconvenient for conveying the large-volume unit, or for mobile construction projects. It can be used with auxiliary means. The shell is made of the magnesium alloy compression casting and has smart weight,ignition system,controllable silicon, contactless system.

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internal combustion rock drill-01

internal combustion rock drill-03

Specification of internal combustion rock drill:


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