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Electric Oil Pump Stressing Equipment

1.Electromagnetic valve control to with draw piston in any position.
2.High and low speed two stage design is for quick oil output. Turine oil absorption could ensure reaching Max. effective oil volume;
3.Over pressure safety valve unit could aviod over pressure damage. At 700kg/cm2, automatically release;
4.High pressure is for driving piston and low pressure is for piston reset.
5.Oil pipe fitted with quick coupling could be ordered for any length.

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Description of electric oil pump

Electric oil pump is the power resource and control device for wire tension,which is used in conjunction with various jacks(Nom. Pressure 50-60MPa), as well as other low flow or high pressure hydraulic equipments.

In the case of a variety of special equipment, can be achieved lifting, bending, straightening, extrusion,, riveting, demolition, pressure and other work requirements, With a small volume of light weight, simple structure, easy operation, high working pressure.

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hydraulic electric oil pump2hydraulic electric oil pump1hydraulic electric oil pump1

Working picture:

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