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Wholesale Automatic Feeding Shotcreting Machine

Wholesale Automatic Feeding Shotcreting Machine

This product is equipped with a large capacity hopper and a strong and stable intelligent hydraulic system to control mechanical blanking.

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Wholesale Automatic feeding shotcreting machine

Automatic feeding shotcreting machine is a new product with independent intellectual property rights developed by our company based on engineering practice to improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity and improve material utilization. Automatic trailer mounted shotcrete machine is a more advanced spraying machine in China. It has solved the disadvantages of manual manual feeding in the traditional jetting operation.

Product features of Tunnel concrete shotcrete truck:

(1) this product adopts self driving wheel type and flexible steering. The truck chassis is the first to be used in the same industry, and the relevant parts are made of famous brand products, with stable quality and strong durability.

(2) advanced hydraulic system. The full hydraulic system is used in the same industry for the first time.

(3) an independent accelerator adding system. After adding the speed coagulant to the speed coagulant hopper, it can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the actual amount.

(4) the automatic feeding process of hopper is that the hopper outlet directly aligns with the blanking hole of shotcreting machine, and the mixing process is not artificially promoted. Compared with previous manual feeding, it improves operator's working condition, reduces labor intensity and saves labor cost.

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(5) high efficiency. This product is equipped with a large capacity hopper mixer, combined with the full realization of mechanical loading, and the hydraulic system to control the strong and stable mechanical cutting, cutting speed and cutting in the continuity of artificial feeding compared to improve the quality of the affected the function of the body, so as to reduce spraying machine idle rate, improve the efficiency of spraying machine, reduce energy consumption.

Concrete spraying equipment car has five advantages in the same industry:

One: this car adopts 490 type complete diesel four cylinder engine.

Two. The vehicle adopts the direction and air brake system

Three, the car uses standard Isuzu chassis and rear axle;

Four. The safety of this car is high in safety, and two full hydraulic cylinders are used to avoid the safety of the front end to the ground.

This product is equipped with a large capacity hopper and a strong and stable intelligent hydraulic system to control mechanical blanking. In the gunpowder feeding, cutting speed and cutting continuity, the influence of human body material is often improved. Thus, the efficiency of the automatic Loading Shotcrete Machine is reduced and the efficiency of the sprayed machine is improved. The efficiency of this product is about 30% higher than that of artificial feeding.

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