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Cement Mortar Spraying Machine|mainly Used For Building Internal And External Wall Surface

1. High work pressure, flow stability, capable of conveying mortar with high sediment concentration. 2. The machine used screw conveyor, capable of output flow evenly, overcome the existing piston pump or plunger pump that flow is uneven. 3. Using mechanical transmission, the structure is simple and compact, the wearing parts are cheap and easy to replace. 4. The material of rotor and stator has gone through strict examination of industrial, so that it has long life; 5. Small size, Mobile flexible, particularly suitable for small working space

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Cement mortar spraying machine|mainly used for building internal and external wall surface

Cement mortar spraying machine
Product description:

This machine is a kind of emule exchanges sources bar type high pressure mortar spraying machine, advanced technology, operation and simple maintenance, no special training can be proficient in operation.
1. The little French grey, save water, save material, can reduce more than 20% of the cost.
2. The operation is simple, do not need scaffolding, don't have to mobile devices, need not repair the grounds, Yin and Yang, are free to spray Angle, roof, shortening the time limit for a project, to improve the schedule, and cut down the cost of the frame material expenses.
3. Speed, high efficiency, low labor intensity, a sprayer can easily spray 150 m ^ 3 per hour, remove preparation time, work 8 hours a day calculations, can spray is above 1000 m ^ 3, equivalent to 20 skilled several day of work.
4. Multi-usage, can spray mortar, waterproof material, is not subject to regional and environmental conditions and the influence of the coating surface shape.

The cement mortar spraying machine.png

Features of spraying machine:
1, Reasonable design, integration of pump and compressor, easy to move
2, Feeding smoothly, no pulse phenomenon
3, Wide applicability, can spray powder, mortar, can also spray mortar
4, Coating uniformity, strong adhesion
5, Complete functions, can spray can coating
6, Can change the connection direction of the spray gun and nozzle, easy to operate. 

Type  Cement Mortar spraying machine
Production Capacity  5m³/h
Working  Pressure  3MPa
Rate of Applicable Materials  Water: Mortar: Sand=(0.7-1):1:3 
Horizontal Delivery Distance 20m
Inner Size of Hose  Ø 32mm
Maximum Aggregate Size  Ø ≤4mm
Hopper volume 50L
Air Compressor 3m³/h
Motor Power 7.5KW
Voltage 380v or as Your Request
Dimension 2000x500x1150mm
Net Weight 300KG


Mortar spraying machine is mainly used for building internal and external wall surface goods mixed mortar, putty powder, refractory coating and pressure grouting
Working principle is feed cement or other products into feeder, and mixing slurry under the action of screw pump, is pressurized continuous discharge, and along the pipeline conveying forward, arrived at the nozzle is introduced into the wind, slurry under the action of wind, jet formation, and spray on the wall surface.

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