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Cement Mortar Spraying Equipment|Multifunctional, Fast Mortar Conveying And Wall Painting

Cement Mortar Spraying Equipment|Multifunctional, Fast Mortar Conveying And Wall Painting

1000 square meters can be easily painted every hour, and the work efficiency will be increased by 40 times. Basically there is no floor ash, save water, save material, can reduce more than 20% of the cost.


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Cement Mortar Spraying Equipment|Multifunctional, fast mortar conveying and wall painting

Description of Cement mortar spraying machine:

Indoor putty spraying machine

The cement mortar spraying machine is mainly used in the interior trim, stirring, pumping, spraying high quality putty powder. If uses the gas of mixing spray gun, the machine can make the 100 mesh particle into atomization. It can spray 1500 square meters per day. Applicable to housing protection, paint, and starch etc..

Outdoor mortar spraying machine

Automatic wet mortar sprayer is a screw-type high-pressure mortar spraying machine, advanced technology. Operation and maintenance is simple, without special training can be skilled operators. Automatic wet mortar sprayer is mainly used for building exterior walls, cement mortar spraying and spraying mortar external wall insulation materials, refractory coating.


Parameters of cement mortar sprayer:

Power      KW


Flow rate     M³/H


Maximum pressure   MPa


Conveying distance  m


Conveying height  m


Through the diameter  mm


Hopper volume  L


Weight kg


Dimensions  mm


 The cement mortar spraying machine.jpg

Features of cement mortar spraying equipment:

1. Adjust the size of the flow, tune out the best coating results.

2. In addition to the electrical control box can switch, but also equipped with remote control switch spraying.

3. Gun connection with the feeding tube can be rotated for easy operation.

4. High efficiency, good quality.

5. Easy structure, easy to handling on-site,and accessories is cheap ,easy to maintenance.

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