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U Steel Platform Arc Bending Machine|used In Tunnel Support Steel Arch Bending Machine

1 reasonable structure, simple operation. 2 hydraulic drive, a molding. 3 workers labor intensity greatly reduced, safe operation. 4 intentions to innovation, competition can develop

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U steel platform arc bending machine|used in tunnel support Steel Arch Bending machine

WGJ series of U steel platform arc bending machine is my factory developed a multi-functional steel cold bending equipment, the domestic initiative. Ltd. is a collection of research and development, production and sales as one of the large enterprises, the current production and operation of the brand has nearly 100 species, the main production of the main production and operation of the U-shaped steel, I-beam, steel, Operating coal mine construction equipment. In the machinery marketing industry to create a good product performance, with a strong brand promotion capabilities. Companies in the "quality of survival, to the credibility of development" concept, brought together a large number of elite talent, won a good corporate reputation and reputation.

product parameters:



U25U29/U36 Roll forming cold bending

Hydraulic system pressure



Top roll advancing speed



Minimum bending radius



Active roller speed



Total power



Total Weight






section bending machines.jpg


Proper use of equipment, careful implementation of equipment maintenance, to comply with safe operating procedures, is to reduce equipment failure, extend equipment life, safety and production of the necessary conditions, so the equipment operators and maintenance personnel must understand the equipment structure, performance, And operating procedures.

Do not start the motor until the tank is injected into the oil. Before using the first check the oil tank is filled, if not enough to fill, to prevent the pump pumping empty. Equipment used in the hydraulic oil must be strictly filtered before the injection tank, the tank must be cleaned before loading oil, generally recommended the use of 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil.

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