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Electric mechanical section bending machine, profile bending machine WYQ24-45

Electric mechanical section bending machine, profile bending machine WYQ24-45

Main features of steel bending machine
1 Advanced design, solid and reliable, compact structure, convenient operation, safe and durable, stable performance.
2 Specially used thick steel plate, high-strength disc, strip iron, high-power medium-speed national standard high-quality motor, the quality is more stable.
3 fully enclosed gearbox, ultra-low noise, equipped with adjustable speed gears, easy to use.
4 Specially added eccentric sleeve, ultra-high hardness accessory, can debug the baffle, and the service life is longer.

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Electric mechnical section bending machine ,profile bending machine WYQ24-45

Main features
(1) Steel Welded Construction Frame;   

(2) Bottom 2 Rolls are Powered;     
(3) Vertical Working Position 

(4) Mobile Control Panel;            

(5) Top roll hydraulic movable;        

(6) Guide rolls
(7) Including one set of Standard Rolls;  

(8) Hardened Shafts from Special steel;
(9) User's Manual in English 

Main parameter : 

            model:                                     WYQ24-16304575100
Round Pipe           Max. OD(mm)7689102114127
Wall thickness(mm)4.55555
Min.bending dia.(mm)75090090012002000
Round Bar             Max. OD(mm)5262758590
Min.bending dia.(mm)60060080010001100
Square Pipe            Max.section(mm)60708090100
Wall thickness(mm)446810
Min.bending dia.(mm)9001000120016002000
Flate Pipe in easy way                           Max.section(mm)7590100110120
Wall thickness(mm)1620254040
Min.bending dia.(mm)760800100011001300
Angle Steel incurvature  Max.section(mm)70x880x890x10100x10120x12
Min.bending dia.(mm)10001200200030004000
Angle Steel excurvature  Max.section(mm)80x890x10100x10120x12140x16
Min.bending dia.10001100130016001800
U steel incurvature      U steel Model12#16#20#25#28#
Min.bending dia.(mm)9001000125016002000
U steel excurvature      U steel Model12#16#20#25#28#
Min.bending dia.(mm)800800100011001500
All above specifications are as per mild steel strength δs=250

1)  High quality with competitive price
2) 15 years export experience
3) CE,SGS, ISO Certificated
6) 14 months quality warranty
7) Over sea engineers available for problem shooting

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