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Zhongtuo Splitting Machines&Stone Split Into Two Pieces Sep 15, 2017

Zhongtuo Splitting Machines&Stone split into two pieces

1: The rock is too hard so the crusher efficiency is too low; We can not blasting stone in cultural relics protection in mining area; Increasing mining costs hinder earthwork progress... And so on... It will undoubtedly have a fatal impact for the completion of the project. All along, how to improve the efficiency of quarrying, and how to reduce the cost of Engineering demolition are difficult problems for the enterprises. Now, with the use of splitting machines, a new era of low cost and high efficiency breaking stone has arrived.

The advantage of our brand: German technology products has been talked about, especially the domestic colleagues was founded" rely on new technology to win in the market ", so civil engineering and other industries was  favored. In September 2016 the extension of our brand is very young and successful, in November of the same year, the patent all came good news. Thus, our brand reputation and category stand firm in the market!

Diesel powered rock splitting machine.jpg

Due to the impact of the environmental protection policy of the National Guard, the traditional rock mining methods: fried Y, shooting across the country have restricted, and a large hammer and expansion agent mining, but due to vibration, noise, environment damage, safety hazards and low efficiency, high cost traditional technology can not meet the modern construction demand. So, in face of such difficulties, what can be done to solve it?

As the saying goes, "there is no road to heaven, but it is always more difficult than it is."!" Located in Shaanxi, Xi'an Enterprises: Shaanxi Zhongtuo machinery manufacturing company is in the understanding of this situation, determined to help us to break through the difficult position! General manager Junchao Yu personally led ten digital technology company technologists went to Germany to study hydraulic rock breaking technology.After a long time of learning and mastering, We and our partnership Shaanxi xi'an export enterprises build the extension of hydraulic splitting force airborne moving machines and hand-held hydraulic rock breaking machines together.Moving machines up to 5000 tons of stone split strength, splitting strength machine 800 tons, is two times higher than the same product splitting power above, to break all kinds of similar products which can not break, inseparable such as granite, limestone, Xuan Wuyan, stone and other hard stone.

rock splitting rods.jpg

Technical parameters of middle range launching machine:

Brand: Sino German science and Engineering

Name:mountain machine and piston rock splitter         

Model: YGF--5000

Length: 3M

Use pressure: 60-100Mpa;

Wedge (wedge) diameter: 105 or 110mm;

Wedge (wedge) effective length: 1700mm;

Crack width: 40mm;

Required drilling diameter: 110mm (domestic standard 110mm drill hole is also consistent);

The pitch of the hole is 2.5-3 M. M.

The distance between the holes is 1.5-1.8 meters

Drilling depth required: 1500mm/1700mm;

Split speed: 40-50 seconds;

Split efficiency: the project has been put into use, and tested with bluestone as an example. It can work up to 60-80 square meters per hour in combination with the hammer;

Working life: under normal use, the internal hydraulic system can reach more than 10 years. Wedge life up to 30000 times repeated work;

Mode of operation: remote wireless remote control operation

Weight: 1600KG;

         2: Pollution-free, without blasting, you can easily break the Mohs hardness of 7 (quartzite Mohs hardness of 7) above the rock, the work does not affect the surrounding environment. No noise, no vibration, very safe;

ultra large rock splitters tools.JPG.jpg

 The splitting machine has the advantages of small size, light weight, convenient operation, safe and reliable, flexible operation, high work efficiency, work no vibration, no shock, no noise, no dust, split direction control, economical and practical, has been widely used in the quarry and mineral mining and infrastructure, especially in city construction, dredging, relief and rescue work, remove the barrier is a kind of not less. As far as the quarry and stone field are hard to be used, the ore is dug apart by the hammer, and there is no other method of higher power. So we began to find ways around, carbon dioxide, expansive agent hydraulic rock fragmentation, etc..The market mechines is dizzying, we plant in the actual engineering situation and a lot of experiments, constantly sum up experience, developed a new generation of the axe mountains machine, can use to the foundation excavation, foundation rock fragmentation, and static granite quarry limestone, and other various stone fragmentation mining.

The company units are: Shanxi coking coal Xishan coal, coal Pingshuo opencast mine, Shanxi coal transportation group, Datong Coal Mine Group, Shandong Zaozhuang mining, Hebei Hebei Power, Heilongjiang Longmay mining group, Henan Zhengzhou, Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal, Chongqing power investment, the coal industry in Fujian Province, Jiangxi Province, Yunnan Dongyuan coal group Guizhou, Gansu, Huating coal Panjiang Coal Huaneng Hulun Buir power, Qinghai Qinghua mining coal group, Yunnan province Xiaolongtan Mine Bureau... Etc.... Hundreds of well-known companies and construction units. Part of the construction unit cooperated with us for 11 years, product quality trust can be seen.

These years, engineering people know that the leaders of our country in the national public security, Ban Act do not allow the use of fried (harmonious) medicine mining rock, this made broken stone engineering bosses a difficult, so we use other equipment for broken stone construction, such as expansion agent, wire saw, hammer, carbon dioxide and other equipment, but these devices are too high (offer cheap but slow expansion agent). Even if the conditions are satisfacted, the amount of opened stone is poor, far less than the needs of the boss.

Diesel powered rock splitting machine.jpg

With the rapid development of China's economy, the construction technology requirements are increasingly high, The engineering construction site requires pollution-free,  high environmental protection, high safety coefficient, the explosive construction technology of the original in many occasions have been banned. At present, many new methods of construction can replace the (blasting) emerge in an endless stream of new technology, such as static (blasting), gas cutting, water cutting, flame cutting, high hardness, beaded drill broken hinge line cutting and other advanced technology widely used in the backlog of construction site. The extension of piston rock splitter use oblique wedge splitting principle, the head splitting force reached 5 tons, so that they can put thousands of tons of rock to split apart, and make hard and huge rock separated from the mountain.

3: The machines are simple to operate, and do not need cumbersome procedures, and do not require the operator to have superb skills, just press the switch to operate excavators.

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