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Zambia International Mining Exhibition 2019 Dec 26, 2018

Exhibition Label: Zambia International Mining Exhibition 2019

Release date: 2018-12-13 14:24:21 

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Exhibition details

Exhibition Name: Zambia International Mining Exhibition 2019

Start time: 2019-06-04

End time: 2019-06-06

Country: Zambia - [local hotel reservation]

Exhibition location: Kitwe Pavilion

Zambia International Mining Exhibition 2019


Copper Belt Provincial Mining, Agricultural and Commercial Exhibition Society

Beijing Ethans Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition overview

About the exhibition: Caminex is the largest mining exhibition in Zambia. The organizer is the Copper Belt Mining, Agricultural and Commercial Show Societ, which is the most abundant copper belt province in Zambia. Since the 2016 exhibition, in cooperation with the Specialized Exhibition Company, the organizer of Electra Mining Africa, Africa's largest mining exhibition, the scale and internationality of the exhibition has been continuously strengthened. The 2018 exhibition attracted 144 exhibitors from 12 countries around the world, including 58 international exhibitors, attracting about 5,000 professional visitors from all parts of East Africa, including 75% of visitors from South Africa, Congo, Nigeria, Ghana. Countries such as Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Market Background: Zambia has the world's highest copper resources and is the 7th copper producer in the world. In 2013, the country's copper production was 800,000 tons. According to forecasts and investment development projects, copper production in 2018 will reach 1.5 million tons. In 2015, the copper sector contributed a total of 13.5 US dollars to Zambia's GDP. Lead-zinc mines are second only to copper deposits. Kabwe Province is the region with the highest lead-zinc content in the world, with a total enrichment of 11 metric tons and a lead-zinc rich ore content of 40%. In 2017, Zambia’s coal production was 2 million tons. In the mining development program enacted in 2008, the government simplified the certification process, created a favorable investment environment, and imposed minimum restrictions on mining, so Zambia's mining industry has developed greatly over the past 20 years. In 2013, the mining industry attracted $8 billion in investment and employed 80,000 people. By 2017, mining investment had reached $15 billion.

Exhibition scope

1. Mining assessment service agencies, mining rights trading, mining trading companies, geological exploration institutions: geophysical exploration, geochemical exploration, aerial survey and remote sensing, surveying and mapping services, geological data processing, technical services: automation and information services companies, software development, data analysis, experiments Room, satellite communication, mining company: energy minerals, metal minerals, non-metallic minerals, machinery and equipment companies, geological exploration equipment: geophysical instruments, geochemical instruments, aerial survey remote sensing equipment, surveying and mapping equipment, geological data processing equipment, Laboratory analytical instruments, instruments

2. Mining equipment: Drilling rig, rock splitter,cement mortar pump,Riding Trowel Machine. 

3. Mineral processing: Crushing and grinding equipment, mining screening equipment, washing equipment 

4. Safety Environmental protection: ventilation equipment, dust removal equipment, protective equipment, education and scientific research institutions: universities, research institutions, training institutions, media and publishers of various mining resources, mining products. Mining machinery and equipment; scrapers, transport vehicles (cranes, conveyor belts, underground loaders and trucks, mine electric locomotives); open pit technology; auxiliary machinery and equipment (compressors, diesel generators, underground fuel tankers, transportation equipment) , rock crusher); mining engineering tools and equipment, hard metal tools, abrasives, diamond cutters; process equipment; mining engineering ventilation; drilling technology and explosive materials; various types of construction machinery, mining machinery and technology.