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What Are The Classification Of Mine Equipment? Apr 28, 2018

The mechanical equipment specialized in mining, beneficiation and prospecting are all referred to as mining machinery equipment. The mining machinery equipment covers a wide range and is widely used in the chemical, metallurgy and coal industries. Redstar Machine specializes in R&D and manufacturing of mining equipment. The following details the classification of mining machinery and equipment.

Mining machinery equipment includes mining equipment and mineral processing equipment. Broadly speaking, prospecting equipment also belongs to mining machinery. The equipment included in the mining equipment is roughly Jaw Crusher, Raymond Mill, Sand Maker, Ball Mill, Crane, Fan, etc.

Mining machinery and equipment

Mining machinery and equipment mainly includes mining machinery for mining metal ores and non-metallic ores, carbon mining machinery for mining coal, oil drilling and mining machinery for oil extraction.

  1. mining machinery

Mining machinery can be further divided into drilling machines for drilling boreholes, excavating machinery and loading and unloading machinery for excavating ore, drilling tunneling machinery for shafts, shafts and roadways.

2. coal mining machinery

Coal mining machinery includes drum shearers, coal plows, curved scraper conveyors, self-moving hydraulic supports, bridge-type loaders, and retractable belt conveyors.

3. oil drilling machine

Oil drilling machinery is also called oil field machinery, including land oil drilling machinery and offshore oil drilling machinery. Land oil drilling and drilling machinery is classified into drilling machinery, oil production machinery, workover machinery and fracturing and acidizing machinery that maintains high production of oil wells according to the mining process; offshore oil drilling and mining machinery is similar to land oil drilling and mining machinery and is divided into drilling equipment and oil production systems.

mineral processing machinery

Mineral processing equipment is divided into crushing equipment, grinding equipment, screening machinery equipment, sorting equipment and dewatering equipment. The sorting (selection) equipment includes gravity mineral processing equipment, magnetic separator, flotation machine and special mineral processing equipment. Mineral processing machinery is also used in building materials, chemicals, glass, ceramics and other industrial sectors.

Jaw crushers, gyratory crushers, cone crushers, roller crushers, and impact crushers are commonly used in crushing machinery; rod grinding machines, ball mills, and self-grinding machines are commonly used in grinding machines; Frequently used inertial vibrating screens and resonance screens; hydraulic classifiers and mechanical classifiers are widely used classifiers in wet classification operations.

The earliest sorting machinery was the gravity mineral processing machinery. The first piston jig appeared in Germany from 1830 to 1840 for metal ore sorting; the first magnetic separator (band type weak magnetic separator) was Invented in 1888; the flotation machine appeared relatively late, the first mechanically agitated flotation machine appeared in 1910.

Gravity ore dressing machine is a kind of equipment that uses the difference of density and granularity between ore and vermiculite, and sorts in the moving medium, including jig, heavy medium concentrator and centrifugal concentrator.

There are many types of mining machinery and equipment. Zhongtuo mining equipments mainly produce mineral processing equipment in mining machinery and equipment, crushing equipment, grinding equipment, sorting equipment, and classification equipment. In addition, Redstar machines also provide professional mineral processing production line configurations. The man joined the mining industry, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. awaits your presence.