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Uzbekistan Mining Machinery Exhibition Dec 07, 2018

[Place of the exhibition]: Tashkent International Convention and Exhibition Center

[Exhibition time]: October 23, 2019 (Wednesday) - 25 (Friday)

[Exhibition cycle]: once a year

[China Group Exhibition]: Cloud Exhibition

Rock splitter-1g

Rock splitter-1h

Exhibition criteria:

Mining, scraping machinery and transportation systems, drilling rig equipment and explosives, machinery parts and spare parts, auxiliary machinery and equipment, geological exploration engineering equipment, industrial furnaces and temperature measuring devices, modern maintenance equipment and diagnostics, mine reinforcement and ventilation equipment and Technology, natural ecosystem monitoring equipment and instruments, shaft equipment and mobile excavators and bulldozers, mining tools, equipment and crushing equipment, hard metal tools, abrasives, diamond tools, material inspection systems, industrial enterprise communications and telecommunications systems, satellite communications , steel production and reduction process equipment and equipment, steel and non-ferrous metal materials forming equipment and equipment, environmental pollution control and hazardous waste treatment