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The Perfect Combination Of Zhongtuo Bridge Tensioning Equipment And Huangjueao Bridge Sep 29, 2017

The Perfect Combination of Zhongtuo Bridge tensioning equipment and Huangjueao Bridge

      August 26, 17:30, with the four sides of the mountain interchange C ramp 4 bridge last piece of T beam down smoothly, Chongqing City, the fourth new kilometer highway construction of the first project Jiangxi Expressway, the whole line T beam erection completed The Jiangxi high-speed project from the Chongqing Jiangjin to Sichuan Hejiang high-speed Diao home to the north, the town of Ci Yun, Li Town, Cai town, surrounded by the town, in the town of Dongsheng Village, In the meantime, in Berlin interchange set L branch line, connecting the four mountain area. After the completion of the project, the main city of Chongqing to the four mountain scenic area will be shortened to 1.5 hours. 

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 Due to the complex conditions of the whole project, the layout of the beam field is difficult, the capacity of the beam is limited, the effective beam time is short, the T beam distance is far, and the safety risk of the construction of the bridge is high, Dongsheng bridge and bridge up to 67%, beam beam is difficult to form, construction is extremely difficult. In the construction process, the builders adopt the centralized prefabrication method, combined with the roadbed construction, the lower part of the bridge construction and other comprehensive consideration, reasonable planning beam layout, increase investment, the use of water stabilization laying special beam channel, on the basis of the new Increase the construction of a prefabricated beam field, the new beam field transfer station, focusing on creating the first fully enclosed factory in Chongqing City prefabricated beam field - 1-1 beam field; the introduction of advanced intelligent tension, CNC equipment, improve the construction process, reasonable To ensure the safety of all personnel at all levels, the implementation of layers of the end of the arrangements for full-time safety management personnel to carry out the construction of steel processing, The scene of Dunshou, T beam long from the transport, high-altitude operations, lifting operations, the scene of temporary electricity and other dynamic checks to ensure safety in production; increase quality control efforts, and constantly optimize the construction program, technical personnel tracking monitoring, Standard case into the next process, the complete elimination of T beam construction process quality Risks. The completion of the whole line of T Liang Liang is the completion of the Jiangxi Expressway to carry out "grasping safety, security quality, heavy performance, big 150 days" since the breakthrough in the fruit of the fruit race, marking the Jiangxi highwayconstruction from the opening of a more recent step.

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