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The 8th Turkey International Mining Exhibition In 2018 Nov 13, 2018

Exhibition time: December 13-16, 2018

Venue: Istanbul International Exhibition Hall, Turkey

Group Committee: TUYAP&REED

Exhibition cycle: two years

Organizer: Beijing Zhonghe International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Introduction to the exhibition: In December 2018, Turkey's largest mining conference and mining machinery and equipment exhibition, Mining Turkey, was held in Turkey. The exhibition was held every two years. It is the largest mining industry exhibition in Turkey. In 2004, the first Turkish Mining Machinery Exhibition was held, which attracted many well-known exhibitors from Europe and America. Since then, the exhibition area and exhibition scale have gradually grown. The last exhibition attracted from the United States, Germany, Australia, China, Denmark, Finland, France, South Korea, the Netherlands, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Sudan. Exhibitors and professional visitors from Thailand, Ukraine, Libya and Turkey were present. This year's Turkey International Mining Machinery Exhibition will still attract many outstanding exhibitors from developed countries in Europe and America as well as outstanding enterprises from developing countries such as China to present products and negotiate trade and cooperation. In 2012, Beijing Zhonghe International led Chinese companies to successfully develop the Turkish market. In 2018 we will once again organize this event.

Exhibits range: various mining resources, mining products, etc. Mining machinery and equipment; scrapers, transport vehicles (rock splitter, DTH drilling rig, rock drill,grouting pump); open pit technology; auxiliary machinery and equipment (air compressor, diesel oil pump, underground fuel dispensers, transportation equipment) , rock crusher); mining engineering tools and equipment, hard metal tools, abrasives, diamond cutters; process equipment; mining engineering ventilation; drilling technology and blasting materials; site stress and deformation conditions detection device; natural ecosystem control device And equipment; engineering and measuring work equipment; explosion-proof electrical equipment. Excavating machinery: excavator backhoe loader trencher; rock chiseling machine: drilling truck rock drill crusher compressor; earthmoving transport machinery: transport truck bulldozer scraper grader; power tool; pile machinery: pile machine diesel pile hammer Hydraulic shearing machine drilling machine; engineering drilling machinery and roadheader: anchor drilling rig, etc.

Market background: Turkey is rich in mineral resources with a total reserve of 50 billion tons. There are 49 different mineral resources. Among the 138 countries and regions in the world, Turkey's mineral resources production capacity ranks 28th in the world. The diversity of mineral resources ranks tenth in the world, and of the 90 mineral resources that can be traded worldwide, there are 77 species in Turkey. Among them, Turkey's dolomite underground reserves are the world's first, about 15.8 billion tons, marble reserves of 13.9 billion tons, lignite 8.3 billion tons, and mineral salt of 5.7 billion tons. In addition, Turkey is rich in coal resources, and is located in the Eurasian connection belt, rich mineral resources and unique geographical location, has always attracted investors from all over the world, Turkey has also become a high-profile hot market.