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Small Tips For Mining Machinery Maintenance May 28, 2018

Since the spring of this year, the mining equipment industry driven by the construction of the country’s infrastructure has become a “big hit” and sales have broken the annual mark for four consecutive months. I believe this is something that all major manufacturers and customers like to see. But does the equipment buy it all and "do everything?" Many customers have neglected the maintenance and overhaul of the machine because they are eager to achieve success, and they have caused the machine to “shock” the machine. The production line was forced to stop production, and the machine that took the money did not bring corresponding production benefits. This was not worth the candle. Here, Xiao Bian popularizes several mechanical maintenance utility tips to the bosses.

granite rock splitter112.jpg   Electric DTH Drill123.jpg

Problem 1: The maintenance work such as cleaning and lubrication of the equipment and regular replacement of vulnerable and consumable parts is incomplete,especially rock splitter, DTH drill.

Performance: The daily maintenance of crushers and other mining equipment is particularly important due to the poor environment of the mining company, large dust, high noise, and especially adverse weather and other unfavorable factors. However, most of the mining companies focus on maintenance, equipment is broken before proceeding, ignoring the cleaning and lubrication of the equipment during normal operation, not according to the equipment lubrication table or cycle, resulting in increased frictional resistance, accelerated equipment loss, shortened Equipment maintenance period greatly reduces the service life of the equipment.

Solution: At the time of purchase, the manufacturer is required to provide professional cleaning and lubrication products. Consult and keep in mind the maintenance intervals and machine output parameter values in the corresponding environment, determine the maximum bearing capacity of the machine, and conduct regular inspection and maintenance.

Question 2: The mining equipment is not updated in time.

Performance: The equipment are lagging behind Under the modern market economy conditions, due to various reasons, the company’s funds are insufficient, the management level of the management staff is not able to keep pace, employees’ training is not valued, the quality of grassroots operators is low, and so on, resulting in technical equipment ( The upgrading of crushers, sand makers, etc. is not satisfactory. The aging of old mine equipment mainly manifests itself in high energy consumption, low efficiency, high failure downtime, and high maintenance and maintenance costs. The current aging and backward mining equipment has greatly affected the output of enterprises and gradually increased the production costs of enterprises. Therefore, the lack of timely updating of mine equipment is one of the important factors that cause the above effects.

Solution: For machines with less accessories on the market, machines with high energy consumption and high failure rates, try to choose to abandon them. Because the maintenance and repair costs incurred in the later period are accumulated, it is not cheap, but rather it is better to buy a production directly. New machine with high efficiency and low loss. In response to the technical problems of the operators, special training for the specific production lines is regularly conducted. If you can't do "all understand", you must do "specialization" to better "do your best."

Question 3: When the machine is idle or inoperative, it is not doing "protective measures."

Performance: Many companies do not take measures such as dust-proof, rust-proof and moisture-proof measures when the machine is idle or not working, and they are not supervised and regularly checked and maintained. The internal parts of the machine are rusted and damp. This is a very bad machine operating environment. In the long run, the machine is easy to suddenly “squeak,” and it is not easy to repair. It is almost immediately possible to issue a “disease notice”.

Solution: In addition to maintenance and maintenance during daily work, the machine needs maintenance when it is idle. It is very necessary to have special personnel to do a good job of preventing dust, high temperature, cold waves, and rain for your “love machine”. The machine is also like the human body, "frozen three feet a day and a cold", the daily protection measures are very important.

Question 4: Parts "remove the east wall of the Western Wall."

Performance: Many companies are accustomed to using the same parts of another machine to “save the field” when a certain part of a machine malfunctions. The lack of spare parts in machines and the removal from idle or standby equipment creates the phenomenon of “removing the east wall of the Western Wall.” This has seriously affected the technical state of the equipment, resulting in unused equipment or spare equipment that cannot be truly used.

Solution: We reminds all the bosses that the “rescue” work can be used temporarily in an emergency. But this is by no means a long-term good method. Firstly, the parts and spare parts of any machine are subjected to running-in and parameter comparison. In addition to affecting the production efficiency, other parts of different models will also cause abnormal wear and consumption to the running machine. Actually, there are It may be “not worth the candle”; secondly, the parts of the “rescue” may produce different parameters after long-term wear of another machine. At this point, it may no longer be consistent with its original "original". Xiao Bian suggested that when purchasing a machine, there must be a spare part for the main part. Once the spare part is “played”, it is necessary to supplement the spare parts in time and try not to leave the machine in a state where “there is no spare tire on the road”.

In the production process of mining enterprises, most of them require the use of mechanical equipment. At present, the degree of mechanization of mine equipment has been continuously improved. Frequent failures have also put forward higher requirements for its use, maintenance and repair technologies. The management level of mine equipment directly affects the completion status and economic benefits of production tasks of enterprises, and the effective management of mine equipment is an advantageous guarantee for the steady development of enterprises and improvement of economic benefits.

If you choose our machines, the above problems will not cause any problems to you. Our products will be accompanied with maintenance tools and products at the factory. Professional maintenance workers will give you the most appropriate maintenance advice; our professional service staff Along with the machine, you will go to your production line to explain the site to your existing production line. When will you learn to be satisfied and use it smoothly? When will we leave the site? When machines leave the factory, there are spare parts for the main parts. Ship. As long as it is a product produced by Red Star, no matter which machine is shipped year after year, we all have spare parts and everything is just for your needs. If there is something wrong with your machine, even if you are thousands of miles away, we will still come back to you and solve problems for you.

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