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Shaanxi Zhongtuo Mine Equipment Co.,Ltd Tells You Safe operation of pneumatic diaphragm pump. Mar 13, 2018

The air is compressed into the back of the diaphragm A by the air valve, which is squeezed by the diaphragm.In this way, the mechanical stress of the piston displacement can be relieved by air - driven method, which can prolong the life of the diaphragm significantly.When the compressed air pushes the diaphragm A away from the centroid, the membrane B at the other end is pulled to the center by the central axis of the connection. At this time, the air on the back of the diaphragm B is discharged from the outlet to the pump body.This allows the B chamber to form a vacuum, thereby allowing the fluid from the inlet branch to push the ball away from the seat so that the fluid is free to enter the B chamber until it is filled.

When the air squeeze the displacement of the diaphragm of A reached its limit, the air valve will lead to the diaphragm on the back of B, form the same extrusion and pushed away from the central body, will link the diaphragm of A back to the central body at the same time, the diaphragm B hydraulic it would make the entry of the valve ball back into the seat, at the same time will export thrust from the valve seat valve ball fluid can be extruded and export from the pump body.The diaphragm A is pulled back into the central body to form A vacuum in the A chamber, thereby allowing the fluid to be pushed off the seat by the inlet branch and into the A chamber until it is filled.

When the diaphragm movement is completed, the air valve redirects the air to the back of the diaphragm A, while the diaphragm B ACTS as an air discharge.When the pump returns to the original start-up state, the two diaphragms in the pneumatic diaphragm pump each complete a process of air discharge or fluid discharge.This constitutes a cycle pumping process.Depending on the use condition, the pump can pump the pump to the self-priming state by pumping the pump several times.