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Shaanxi Zhongtuo Mine Equipment Co.,Ltd Tells You The Difference Between Pneumatic Roof Bolter And Cable Rig. Mar 13, 2018

The difference between pneumatic roof bolter and cable rig:

1. The pneumatic roof bolter is mainly made of rebar, and the cable rig is made of steel cable.

2. The pneumatic roof bolter is usually full section grouting, the whole section is stressed, and the cable rig has free end and anchor section, only the pneumatic roof bolter is forced.

3. The pneumatic roof bolter is the passive stress system (with the exception of the prestressed bolt), the cable rig is the active force system. 

4. The pneumatic roof bolter is generally smaller, while the cable rig has a large tonnage.

5. The pneumatic roof bolter is mainly used for shallow reinforcement, and the cable drill is used for deep reinforcement.

6. The commonality between the two is flexible protection.