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Russia's Udokan Copper Mine Is About To Start Construction Sep 10, 2018

According to MiningWEekly, Reuters reported that Russia's largest undeveloped copper mine, the Udokan copper mine large mining and smelting facility in the remote areas of Eastern Siberia began construction.

The Udokan copper mine has a reserve of 26.7 million tons and is one of the largest and largest undeveloped copper mines in Russia.

The mine was first discovered in the last world in the 1940s, but due to the special nature of the ore, it is difficult to smelt, coupled with remoteness, backward infrastructure, and frequent earthquakes and located in permafrost, which has not been developed for 70 years.

The Baikal Mining Company, owned by Russia's billionaire Usmanov, announced that the Udokan copper mine will be completed and put into operation in 2022. It can process 12 million tons of ore per year and produce electrolytic copper and Sulfide concentrate. The company plans to further increase its ore processing capacity to 48 million tons.

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