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Rebar Bending Machine|spiral-hoops Benders|new innovation Jun 29, 2018

Rebar bending machine|spiral-hoops benders

The steel bar bending mechanism of the steel bar bending machine includes a curved base and a lifting device fixed on the curved base. The lifting device is connected with a curved support and drives the curved support to move up and down. The curved support is provided with a bending relative to the curved support. In the assembly, a center shaft is rotatably disposed in the bending assembly, and a bending mold is detachably connected to an end of the bending center of the center shaft. One end of the bending assembly is provided with a bending shaft used in conjunction with the bending mold. The lifting device drives the bending support and the bending components thereon and the center shaft to go up and down, and cooperates with the center bending mold or the eccentric bending mold. When performing the diversified stirrup machining, only the different bending molds need to be replaced, and the bending components are accordingly adjusted. With the position of the central axis, the rotation of the bending axis around the center bending die and the rotation of the bending axis around the eccentric bending die can be realized, thereby satisfying the diversified stirrup processing requirements.

rabar bending machine-05a.jpg    rebar bending machine-04a