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Development Status And Future Direction Of Mining Machinery Industry Oct 31, 2017

Economic downturn, the mining machinery industry slowdown has become an indisputable fact. Facing the complicated economic situation at home and abroad, 2013 will be a more severe situation for the development of mining machinery industry. To this end, increasing investment in scientific and technological innovation, seeking transformation and upgrading, and actively respond to challenges has become the main theme of the current." Wang Jisheng, executive vice chairman of the China Mining Machinery Association, recently held the 2013 member's Congress in Heilongjiang, Harbin.

The market(Tunnel Jumbo Drill,DTH drill,Rock Splitter Equipment) demand is not brisk

Wang Jisheng pointed out that since the middle of 2011, some key enterprises began to decline in order, this situation has not yet improved significantly. By the end of 2012, the cumulative increase of mining machinery orders decreased by 16%, and in the first half of this year, there is still no sign of stabilization, and it is expected that the second half of the year will continue to decline.

At present, the overall technical content of products of mining machinery industry in China is still not high, the economic benefits directly restrict and influence enterprises, although many enterprises to increase the scientific research development and personnel training efforts, adhere to the leading technology and leading technology, but also need the ability of independent innovation can not meet the industry and the market, still need to continue to strengthen and improve.

Wang Jisheng said, "lack of market demand is the primary factor leading to the decline of the industry."". The relationship between mining machinery products and national fixed asset investment closely, domestic economic growth continued to slow, the scale of investment in fixed assets deflation and shrinking international market demand continued, industry market space, many enterprises have problems of insufficient orders and production capacity of emptying, make the whole industry production and operation status of embarrassment.