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The 13th Central Asia Uzbekistan International Mining Machinery Exhibition In 2018 Nov 08, 2018

Exhibition time: November 14-16, 2018

Venue: Tashkent International Exhibition Center, Uzbekistan

Group Committee: ITE

Exhibition cycle: one year

About the exhibition: Miningworldasia is the largest exhibition of construction machinery and mining machinery held by the British exhibition group ITE in Central Asia. The exhibition formed a series of professional exhibitions of construction machinery and mining machinery in Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The miningworld Uzbekistan in 2017 is also the only professional construction machinery and mining machinery exhibition in Wu. The Uzbekistan International Mining and Construction Machinery Exhibition has absorbed mineral exploration and mining enterprises, mineral and metal processing enterprises and mining products and service companies in the countries of Central Asia. Through the exhibition, mineral machinery equipment from all over the world has been introduced to promote the Central Asian region. Exchange to promote the growth of international business. The aim of the exhibition is to promote the growth of the mining industry in Uzbekistan, to showcase the potential of the Central Asian market and to show the latest growth statics in the mining industry. The international level of the exhibition is very high, including sandvik, atlascopco, alfalavalpotok and other well-known brands. In 2017, internationally renowned companies of the Uzbekistan International Mining Machinery Exhibition joined the fair. The concept of the exhibition is to promote minerals in the Central Asian countries, mining enterprises and minerals and metal processing enterprises, mineral machinery equipment, mining products and services companies around the world to promote exchanges in Central Asia and promote the growth of international business. The exhibition's policy is to promote the growth of Kazakhstan's international mining industry, showcase the potential of the Central Asian market and show the latest growth static in the mining industry.

Exhibition contents: mineral exploration technology, mineral processing, mineral mining, receiving and receiving, re-control, mineral industry safety technology, surface minerals, deep processing of mineral products, raw materials processing and disposal, mineral transportation and logistics technology. Mining machinery and equipment; scrapers, transport vehicles (cranes, conveyor belts, underground loaders and trucks, mine electric locomotives); open pit crafts; auxiliary machinery and equipment (tightening machines, diesel generators, underground fuel tankers, rock splitter machine; mining engineering tools and equipment, hard metal tools, abrasives, diamond grinding disc; concrete floor scabbler; bridge stressing jack; all kinds  of rock drill; all kinds of construction machinery, engineering vehicles, engineering tires, tool accessories, etc.

Market Background: Uzbekistan is the most densely populated country in Central Asia with a population of 25 million. Uzbekistan's industry plays an important role in Central Asia. It is one of the countries with strong economic strength among the five Central Asian Central Asian countries and is also the region where the "Old Silk Road" passes. With the economic development of Central Asian countries and the expansion of infrastructure, China has become Uzbekistan's third largest trading partner. From 2007 to 2010, the Ukrainian government exempted customs duties on imported road construction machinery and its spare parts. Chinese construction machinery is favored by the Central Asian market because of its low price and easy operation. From January to August 2008, Uzbekistan imported Chinese lifting equipment and construction machinery to reach US$65.74 million. Uzbekistan is rich in natural resources, with gold reserves ranking fourth in the world, and tungsten reserves are among the highest in the CIS countries. Metal deposits such as silver, platinum, zinc and bauxite are also very rich. Uzbekistan has identified mineral resources worth $3.3 trillion and requires extensive equipment and related technologies for mining and processing.