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Hydraulic Grouting Pump: It Trumps The Traditional Site-Mix Apr 05, 2018

Hydraulic grouting pump is a serious contender to site-mix concrete, however. Technically speaking, this is unquestionably an upgraded option over the traditional on-site concrete, because it requires less labour, involves fewer costs, and is generally a stronger grade of concrete.

High pressure grouting pump.jpg
Less Labour

Hydraulic grouting pump requires more workers on site, as mixing can sometimes be a tedious job.
Ready-mix concrete, on the other hand, does not require as much labour and time. The raw materials on site need not be mixed, ordered and stored. This type of concrete mix also cures faster because it is already mixing while being transported, which is especially beneficial for concrete laying jobs during unfavourable weather.

Reduced Costs

Hydraulic grouting pump
The cost of raw materials and the storage for site-mix concrete can be very costly.

By opting for ready-mix concrete, project managers ensure that they get the exact amount of concrete the job requires. In most cases, the proportion of the ingredients is measured and maintained accurately, which therefore reduces waste.

Because ready-mix concrete requires less workers, it also involves reducing labour costs.

Stronger Concrete Grade

Quality control for site-mix concrete has always been a major concern for construction companies, managers, and engineers. Water-cement ratio and grading of the material is almost impossible, with the outcome of batching and mixing results in an inconsistent and non-uniform material.

Ready-mix concrete, on the other hand, uses advanced plant and equipment to produce quality concrete. These often pass through rigorous testing processes as well.
Clearly, ready-mix trumps site-mix in many ways, from the labour required to the costs. Opting for ready-mix will therefore save you from all the headaches that come with traditional concrete, and you can concentrate on the other, more important areas of the construction project.

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