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Australia 2019 Asia-Pacific International Mining Technology And Engineering Machinery Exhibition Oct 30, 2018

Exhibition time: August 27-29

Venue: Sydney Olympic Park Sydney Pavilion

Exhibition cycle: two years

China General Agent: China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products


About the exhibition: Asia-Pacific International Mining Technology and Construction Machinery Exhibition (AIMEX) was hosted by Reed Exhibitions Australia and was founded in 1970, two years. Hosted in the 40,000-square-meter Sydney Olympic Park in 2017, it showcases the industry's best-in-class products and equipment, the latest technology and services. After years of internationally renowned exhibitions and multi-channel publicity and promotion, it attracted more than 14,000 engineering, technical personnel and trade buyers from petroleum, gas, mining, electronics, power, telecommunications, transportation and other related industries. In an authoritative survey, 61% of visitors indicated that they had purchasing intentions, 83% of visitors said they were very satisfied, 95% of exhibitors said they would continue to participate in AIMEX in 2019, and 65% of exhibitors have been at least 2-3 consecutively. Participated in AIMEX, the Chinese pavilion exhibited nearly 1,200 square meters in 2019 and more than 100 exhibitors.

large rock splitter-01

As a mining powerhouse, Australia has leading technology and services to provide innovative products and technology solutions to the global mining industry, and its mining industry is experiencing its largest investment since the 1960s. At AIMEX2017, buyers and suppliers gather to communicate key technologies with industry peers in an interactive business environment. AIMEX2017 will continue to showcase its unique charm, attracting industry insiders to participate and seek more in the economic recovery process. Opportunities and development are excellent opportunities to expand your business.

l Asia Pacific's largest mining exhibition

l One of the world's three major mining exhibitions

l is a mining event that suppliers and buyers cannot miss.

l is the only exhibition that brings together buyers from Australia and Asia

l Globally participating exhibitions are located in international metropolises

l A platform for promotion, marketing and extensive communication for global and Australian mining manufacturers

Australia is known as the “country in the mine car” for its rich mineral resources. Mining is the pillar industry of Australia's national economy. China has been Australia's largest trading partner, export market and import source for many years. Under the influence of the global economic crisis in recent years, China's high quality and low price products are gradually favored by the Australian mining market. BHP Billiton, the world's largest mining company, has clearly expressed its desire to strengthen trade cooperation with China, which has created strong conditions for the promotion of Chinese products in Australia.

Exhibition criteria:

Mining equipment and construction machinery: shearers, roadheaders, excavators, lifting machinery, hydraulic supports, pillars, anchors, emulsion pumping stations and hoses, mining machinery parts, impact drilling, loading and shoveling, mining automation , metallurgy, storage and transportation, etc.;

Mineral processing and powder processing equipment: various types of mineral processing chemicals, crushers, screening machines, separators, sand and gravel cleaning machines, pulpers, ball mills, grinding and stripping machines, dryers, mixers, grinding machines, grinding machines, Grinder, filter press, flotation machine, centrifuge, calcination, granulation, laboratory and chemical industry;

Coal processing and utilization technology and equipment: coal washing, cleaning, storage, processing and transformation; coal gangue, coal slurry; coal quality testing; coal mine environmental protection;

Construction and lifting and transportation equipment: sinking, rock drilling, mud pump, ceramic piston pump, rock splitter, stressing jack, steel bar bending machine, wire rope, compressor, automobile drilling machine, anchor trolley, concrete jet, lifting container, equipment and comprehensive protection device, connecting device, conveyor belt, self Unloading vehicles, etc.; winches, mining vehicles, heavy mining vehicles, etc.;

Safety protection and fire fighting equipment: explosion-proof equipment, gas alarm equipment, fan and ventilation test, sensor, communication, information management system, de-dusting equipment, cooling equipment, noise protection equipment, downhole lighting equipment, safety signs, monitoring, monitoring Technology and equipment, fire forecasting systems, fire fighting equipment, vehicles, etc.;

Electromechanical equipment and mining survey equipment: diesel engine, gasoline engine, generator set, reducer, air compressor, nitrogen generator, oxygen generator and other compression separation equipment, power supporting facilities, explosion-proof flame-retardant cable, explosion-proof motor, theodolite, level, Range finder, prospector, GPS positioning system, etc.

Our commitment

Participation in the Electromechanical Chamber of Commerce will receive relevant value-added services:

I will provide trade statistics for free. I will have monthly updated China Customs and major world commodity trade statistics to help companies understand the latest trade trends. Anyone who participates in our exhibition enterprise can get relevant data for free every month, and can also provide special data according to the requirements of the enterprise.

Guarantee of safe participation: China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products is one of the six major import and export chambers of the Ministry of Commerce. It has nearly 20 years of experience in group exhibitions to ensure the safety and smooth participation of enterprises.