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China (Beijing) International Mining Exhibition Welcomes You! Jun 25, 2018

I. Exhibition Overview

China (Beijing) International Mining Exhibition (CIME) is a world-renowned platform for mining trade, exchanges and cooperation. Exhibitors cover the whole industry chain of mining enterprises, research institutes, engineering construction, smart mining, mine environmental protection, and technical equipment. The long-term holding of CIME has received strong support and participation from government, industry agencies, and Chinese and foreign companies, and has made outstanding contributions to the development of China's mining industry and the global mining industry.

Second, the organizer

China Metallurgical and Mining Enterprises Association

China Nonferrous Metals Society

Beijing Mining and Metallurgy Research Institute

Beijing Haiwen Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Third, media support

China Mining News

Fourth, time and place

Exhibition: June 4-5, 2018

Development: June 6-8, 2018

Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall)

(88 Yuxiang Road, Shunyi District, Beijing)

V. Specially invited mining enterprises

Chinalco China Minmetals China Gold Middle Steel Mining

Angang Mining Hegang Mining Shougang Mining Masteel Mining

Bengang Mining Zijin Mining Jinchuan Group Daye Nonferrous

Zhaojin Mining Linggang Stock Chihong Zinc Storage Huaxia Jianlong

Jinchuan Group Shandong Gold Wine Group Hainan Mining

Pangang Mining Taigang Mining Baogang Mining Western Mining

Shengtun Mining Southwest Energy Mine Yunxi Group Jiangxi Copper

Jiangxi Tungsten Shaanxi Nonferrous China Enfi China Relin

Yunnan Copper China Railway Nineteenth Bureau Yuxi Dahongshan

Sixth, the scope of participation

▼ Large-scale mining enterprise image display, metal mineral products, non-metallic mineral products, mineral product trade, mine planning, engineering design, construction and construction units, mineral rights trading, mineral rights investment and financing, government and industry institutions, etc.

▼ Geological (mining) exploration technology and equipment: geophysical exploration technology, geochemical exploration technology, aerial surveying and remote sensing technology, surveying and mapping technology, geological data processing, mineral product analysis, and laboratory instrumentation.

▼ Mining technology and equipment: excavation equipment,DTH Drill, ultra large rock splitter, loading equipment, transportation equipment (excavators, loaders, underground mining vehicles, mine dump trucks), lifting equipment, drilling and blasting, construction machinery, etc.

▼ Mineral processing equipment: crushing equipment, screening equipment, floor scabbler, conveying equipment (hydraulic transmission equipment), etc.

▼ Mineral processing equipment: flotation equipment, magnetic separation equipment, gravity mineral processing equipment, electrical equipment, classification equipment, enrichment equipment, filtration equipment, ore dressing and other mineral chemicals.

▼ Mineral smelting technology and equipment: hydrometallurgy, electrolysis and smelting technology equipment, pyrometallurgy, high-temperature metallurgy technology equipment and so on.

▼ mine safety equipment: mine emergency, rescue, rescue equipment; mining explosion-proof, fire fighting equipment; safety protection; safety monitoring equipment.

▼ Mine environmental protection and energy-saving equipment: tailings filling and processing equipment; mine pump valve; mine waste, waste water treatment; ventilation, dust removal equipment; digital mine, mining electrical, mine communication, mine logistics, etc. ▼Other mining technologies, auxiliary machinery and related mining service agencies.

Seven, exhibition advantages

The only domestic focus on the metal and non-metal mine market

Based on Asia, serving the world and embracing the entire industry chain

Provide you with no indirect “exclusive” exhibition services

Provide you with a new value-for-money "Bridge Bridge" service

Provide you with "no blank" promotion service

Famous exhibitors

Concurrent activities

Concurrent attention from forums during the same period

The 3rd China and Foreign Mine Technology and Equipment Development Forum

Cum mining technology and equipment docking exchange meeting

The Forum is one of the most authoritative mining forums in China. It invites leaders from government agencies such as the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Land and Resources, and Ministry of Science and Technology; academicians of the two institutes; economic special (new) districts, important cities for mineral resources, industrial clusters, etc. Local government representatives; well-known domestic and foreign companies Vale, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Anglo American Resources, Xstrata, Angang Mining, Hegang Mining, Shougang Mining, Masteel Mining, Bengang Mining, China Aluminum, Minmetals Nonferrous Metals, China Gold, Zijin Mining, Jinchuan Group, Daye Nonferrous Metals, Sinosteel Group, Linggang Group, China Railway 19th Bureau, Chihong Zinc Storage, China Construction Jianlong, Zhaojin Mining, Yuxi Dahongshan, Benxi Longxin, Laiwu Steel Mine production enterprises responsible person, chief engineer, equipment management, procurement personnel; Beijing Mining and Metallurgy Research Institute, Changchun Gold Research Institute, Hunan Nonferrous Metals Research Institute, Changsha Mining Research Institute, China Iron and Steel Institute, China Enfa, and other scientific research The institutes and mine equipment manufacturers and supporting manufacturing companies attended the meeting. Forum topics include national policies, market trends, green mines, intelligent mining, selection technology and efficient use of mineral resources, tailings disposal, mineral rights investment and financing.