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Algiers International Building Materials And Engineering Equipment Exhibition Dec 29, 2018

With a land area of the highest in Africa, the crown of the Mediterranean countries and the crown of the Arab countries, Algeria ranks 10th in the world with a population of 36 million. The country borders the Mediterranean Sea, bordering Libya and Tunisia to the east, Niger, Mali and Mauritania to the south and south, and Morocco to the west. Algeria's economy ranks fourth in Africa and is an important economic, commercial and financial center in North Africa. In particular, its active business activities in the building materials sector have an attractive development prospect for international building materials suppliers. In 2009, the capital of the country also caused demonstrations and serious conflicts with the riot police, which led to riots. In recent years, with the rapid growth of the population, the housing shortage has become a serious social problem. At present, the housing gap in the country is 6 million.

According to statistics from the Statistics Bureau of Algeria, in January-March 2017, the import and export volume of goods in Algeria was US$20.20 billion, an increase of 6.7% over the same period of the previous year (the same below). Among them, exports were 8.29 billion US dollars, up 14.5%; imports were 11.91 billion US dollars, up 1.9%. The trade deficit was 3.62 billion US dollars, down 18.7%. As of the end of March, China ranked 24th in the export trade of Algeria, but ranked first in the import trade of Algeria. The main products imported by Azerbaijan from China are stainless steel, construction machinery, auto parts, machinery parts and components, and building materials. According to China's customs statistics, China's exports to Algeria are increasing year by year, with an increase of more than 30% in the past six years. For Chinese companies, Algeria means huge market potential and room for development.

Exhibition area: 40,000 square meters

Date: March 24-28, 2019

Number of exhibitors: 1,300 exhibitors

Number of viewers: 200,000

1. Construction machinery and equipment: ceramic plunger pump, glass machinery, rock splitter machine, cement mortar spraying machine, steel processing equipment, brick machine, brick machinery sheet, mine gravel equipment, mixing station, engineering vehicle manufacturer, etc.;

2, building materials: ceramics, stone, exterior wall decoration materials, paints and paints, pipe fittings, roofing materials, aluminum profiles, fire / insulation materials, scaffolding, formwork / frame, wood, etc.;

3, construction hardware: hardware doors and windows, hardware tools, doors, windows and lock accessories, faucets, automatic doors, industrial doors, automation technology, aluminum profiles, fire equipment, fire safety, etc.;

4, interior decoration: interior design, bedroom textiles, home decoration supplies and accessories, carpets and tapestries, interior decoration lighting, all kinds of kitchen and bathroom products, furniture decoration and accessories;

5, building materials production and processing equipment: stone processing equipment, ceramics and products production equipment, aluminum-plastic steel door and window processing equipment, aluminum curtain wall processing equipment, glass production and processing equipment, gypsum board, mineral wool board equipment.