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Wholesale BW150 Mud Pump Well Drilling

Wholesale BW150 Mud Pump Well Drilling

A mud pumps for drilling rigs is a machine that conveys mud or water to the drill hole during drilling. Mud pump is an important part of drilling equipment.


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Wholesale BW150 mud pump well drilling

A mud pumps for drilling rigs is a machine that conveys mud or water to the drill hole during drilling. Mud pump is an important part of drilling equipment.

BW series of BW150 mud pump well drilling is a single cylinder or double cylinder reciprocating pump, with single, double action, plunger and piston and other different structural forms. It is mainly used in geological drilling, which supplies the function of diluting clay, mud and circulation with the cooling drilling tools of the rinse fluid (mud or water). It is also used to supply the rinse fluid in the hole drilling rig. Chill the cuttings of drilling tools. The mud can also be injected into the coal seam fire extinguishing and sealing grouting. In ground engineering, it can also be used for construction reinforcement, plugging water grouting and the lubrication grouting between pipe surface and soil layer during pipe jacking construction.

According to the number of pump cylinder: if the number of cylinders in the pump classification, there are single cylinder, double cylinder, three cylinder, five cylinders and other types.

The BW-150 type (grouting pump) mud pump is a horizontal three cylinder reciprocating single action piston pump, which can change eight different pressure and flow. Displacement and hole depth according to the use of adjusted for geological core drilling engineering drilling mud flushing fluid to transport water. The use of soap and 1500 meters deep drilling, and can also be used for cement slurry perfusion, the pump energy consumption, flexible operation, high quality and durable, the decomposition is good, easy to move.

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Main model of BW150 drilling mud pump:

BW-150 type

Main parameters of BW150 mud pump:

Maximum flow 150L/min

Maximum pressure 70kg/cm2

Drive power 7.5kw

Water pipe diameter 50mm

Drainage pipe diameter 32mm

Shape size 1840mm*795mm*995mm

Weight 560kg

main features of mud pump bw150:

1. can meet the needs of large and small caliber drilling machine for each four gear, the flow regulation range is large, the parameter selection is reasonable. It can be used with XY-4 core drill and XY-5 drill. It can meet the needs of different bore, different hole depth and different geological core drilling.

2. piston bowl shaped nylon back sealing rubber piston type S poly amine resin, greatly improved the service life.

3. The pull rod is equipped with five dustproof seals to prevent the hydraulic end of the mud into the power end and the power end of the lubricating oil filter. After several production tests, it is proved that the seal is reliable and the performance is good. The gear prolongs the service life.

4. The inlet valve is made of steel ball. And there is a sound reducing rubber pad on the valve cover to reduce the impact noise.

5. the pressure meter adopts the BY-1 type aseismic pressure gauge, which has long life.

6. the structure is compact and the shape is beautiful.

7. can be detachable, easy to repair and move.

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