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BW150 Drilling Mud Pump|Horizontal Three Cylinder Reciprocating Single Acting Piston Pump

BW150 Drilling Mud Pump|Horizontal Three Cylinder Reciprocating Single Acting Piston Pump

1,the pump has the characteristics of smooth operation, wide flow range, high output pressure, long wearing parts, stable performance and so on.
2,high efficiency, save energy.
3,removable good, easy maintenance and removal.
4,uniform flow, small pressure fluctuations.


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BW150 Drilling Mud Pump|Horizontal three cylinder reciprocating single acting piston pump

Description of BW150 mud pump well drilling:

BW150 mud pump is a horizontal triplex reciprocating single-acting piston pump, can change eight different pressure and flow, used in geological core drilling engineering to borehole flushing fluid (mud, clear water, saponification liquid),

Suitable for small diameter diamond drilling within 1500 meters of form a complete set, can also be used for low and medium pressure, slurry infusion,

BW150 drilling mud pump more shifting speed, energy saving, compact structure, light weight, high efficiency, durable, safe in operation, convenient maintenance, low maintenance fee.

The pump is mainly used in geological drilling, geological engineering construction and foundation treatment.

Parameters of mud pumps for drilling rigs:

Triplex piston single-acting mud pump (BW-150), can be equipped with hydraulic motor, electromotor, diesel engine according to client's requirements.

BW150 mud pump222.jpg

Parameters of BW150 mud pump

BW-150 mud pump222.png

Applications of BW150 mud pump:

It is horizontal,tri-cylinder,reciprocating single-acting pistion mud pump bw150,eight different pressures and flows are available,so it can convey water,lavage,saponifization liquid for geological drilling projects.It matches 1500m small caliber diamond drilling,and it can also perfuing slurry.This pump is power saving,easy to operate,high quality and durable,easy to disassemble and relocate.

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