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ultra-large rock splitters in the industry Aug 12, 2017

        Large rock mining without blasting equipment ultra-large rock splitters easily split.The German giant rock hydraulic hydraulic technology,the successful development of a breakthrough,airborne quarrying machine can produce 3200 tons of splitting force,get a lot of praise.The splitting machine hydraulic technology, hard quality,together with the non general feeling.

         In the study of rock volume more, steep terrain,mountain slope in the upper surface of the dangerous rock,Boulder,and foot from the villagers living area,and high voltage line tower is short,less than the general rock blasting (shallow hole blasting) the minimum distance of 300 meters of the construction project,the construction is very difficult.

         Ultra-large rock splitters,need to drill a excavator one. Can drive by excavator pressure. Clean surface and rock between subgrade rock and rock soil for excavator,make a volley of rock surface increases, the drilling equipment of large air compressor selection fails direction or position of the layer of large rock drilling in the same section,drilling drilling hole distance porous,volley surface 1.5-2.5 meters,the distance between the two holes in 1.5-2.5 meters. Crack width up to 4-6 cm. It not only has all the advantages of breaking agent construction, and the construction cost, schedule,safety,environmental protection,use,accuracy,flexibility etc.

         The advantages of large rock mining without blasting equipment onboard mining machine is mainly used for large ore (ore,non-metallic minerals) of the first and two collapse,Rock Hill collapse,rock quarry mining,large The local concrete component and the demolition of all work areas,compared with the traditional mode of operation,the ultra-large rock splitters has tremendous power,simple structure,convenient operation,high efficiency,low cost,safety,energy saving,a series of advantages of energy saving management.


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