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Ultra-large rock splitters Sep 15, 2017

Ultra-large rock splitters

Ultra-large rock splitters has the advantages of small size, light weight, convenient operation, safe and reliable, flexible operation, high work efficiency, work no vibration, no shock, no noise, no dust, split direction control, economical and practical, has been widely used in the quarry and mineral mining and infrastructure, especially in city construction, dredging, relief and rescue work, remove the barrier is a kind of not less. 

Ultra-large rock splitters.jpg

As far as the quarry and stone field are hard to be used, the ore is dug apart by the hammer, and there is no other method of higher power. So we began to find ways around, carbon dioxide, expansive agent hydraulic rock fragmentation, etc..The market mechines is dizzying, we plant in the actual engineering situation and a lot of experiments, constantly sum up experience, developed a new generation of the axe mountains machine, can use to the foundation excavation, foundation rock fragmentation, and static granite quarry limestone, and other various stone fragmentation mining.