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The impact of the hydraulic electric oil pump on human life and its use Dec 15, 2017

Now many enterprises in the process of operation will use the hydraulic electric oil pump, then what is the use of the Post-tension Stressed Pump, which enterprises will use this equipment?

In fact, this equipment is mainly used to prevent tension. The main is to work together with the jack, mainly for the safety of the enterprise to do a tension stress buffer.

In fact, now the enterprise in the production process, the production safety in this area are still paid more attention to, as before, many large enterprises or heavy industry, in the production process, because some of the reasons and the safety of things, the enterprise's production have a influence and the most serious is injury to the staff, so that many of the enterprises in advance do all preventive work, as far as possible in the course of operation of equipment, the use of some equipment, what if there is a bad situation, or one of the equipment problems, then there will be another device or prevention. Instead of directly down, so as not to hurt people.


Prestressed oil pump now used by enterprises is still very much, and like the oil pump in the installation and use of the process should pay attention to the problem or a lot, for example in the terminal time must remember to ground to pick up, because it is and oil together, if there is one thing what Mars is like it's very dangerous, between another pipe and the joint must be connected, otherwise there will be oil spill situation.

Besides, remember that the pressure gauge on the prestressed electric oil pump must be kept in mind. Do not let the pressure be too great. Then there will be danger. If you want to use it, check it every time, so as to ensure safety in production.