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Brief introduction to the simple classification of tensioning jacks Nov 01, 2017

Jack(Lock Nut Hydraulic Jack,Hydraulic Stressing Jack,Mono Strand Pulling Jack) is one of the common tools, and a jack, and a machine called a tension pump with each other, by pulling the pump power, the equipment in our life and production have played a big role, is our common jack Zhang Laqian. This kind of Jack has many kinds, and it is widely used in various kinds of bridges, such as bridges on various roads, or hydroelectric dams, etc.. A lot of people ask questions about the price of a jack, and so on, here's a brief introduction to the classification of this jack.

In fact, this classification of Jack is very simple, the first is through the industrial design of Jack, his high, let in the high pressure cylinder, the seal will be greatly enhanced, so as to improve work efficiency, ensure the quality of the work. The cylinder made of special alloy, with the advanced heat treatment process, can greatly reduce the proportion of expansion in the work, effectively maintain the service life of the seal. And the second type is the front card jack, this kind of Jack has a repeated movement of the tool anchor, in the work, can according to the situation of automatic clamping or loose clip piece.

In a variety of projects, the use of new technology, new structure of products, can greatly improve the efficiency of production, but also to protect our work, life security. At this time is the era of money, we have reason to believe that this kind of lightweight, efficient, environmentally friendly equipment, will be recognized and more widely used.

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