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spray gun using tips|automatic mortar cement spraying Jun 06, 2018

The mortar spraying machine is a large category of automatic spraying equipment. As its name suggests, the mortar spraying machine has more advantages than the traditional spraying machine. No matter whether it is a large painting operation or a small painting operation, the requirements for the painting quality of the spraying machine are high. How to paint a high quality effect? Practice makes perfect. It is very important experts pointed out that mastering and using spray guns for spraying machines will achieve a multiplier effect.

Paint before painting

Before painting, the worker needs to thoroughly clean the sprayer to make it in a normal state. The other is to check whether the paint spray gun has an ideal spray shape. Note: The ideal spray should be symmetrical, atomized and clear edges.

Paint spraying pressure

Spray paint to achieve the appropriate atomization conditions, need to have certain conditions: the spray shape is good, the need for the corresponding pressure, spray gun settings is very important, according to different paint spray gun settings are not the same, the formation of the paint film is different The resulting spray results are also different.

In fact, the sprayer coating effect is different from the setting of each component. Therefore, the worker needs to pay attention. Before the coating, it is necessary to set the mortar spraying machine as a whole and obtain the coating that meets the quality requirements. , not only can improve the production efficiency, but also can improve the coating quality. Mortar spraying machine