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Shaanxi Zhongtuo prestress teaches you some of the ways to use jack Dec 11, 2017

Due to the current tension jack is widely used, because of the special type tensioning jack, especially some small factories, small repair units will choose to use according to their own needs, because of its small size, easy to use, especially to do some maintenance work is relatively simple. 

Lock Nut Hydraulic Jack/Manual lock nut hydraulic jack/Hydraulic Stressing Jack/Mono Strand Pulling Jack/Prestressed  Post Tension Jack

But maybe some people will probably know how to use it after they buy it, but it may not be very clear about the detailed use method. Next, I will introduce the way of using it, so this will bring a lot of convenience to my work.

If there are new or long jacks, there will be more air in the cylinder. When the piston is used, there will be a smaller jump phenomenon. 

At that time, the two to three times of the jack will run away, and then the air in the cavity can be excluded, and then it can be used smoothly. Before using, check whether there are cracks and whether the joints are reliable. 

The locations of each connector must be strictly sealed with copper gaskets, and the joints and nuts at both ends must be strong, so as to prevent accidents.

In the use of the process, force to smooth, whether it is loading or unloading should be paid attention to avoid the impact of damage. 

When working, the operator should stand two times, the front of it is to ban the blade, and some dangerous places must also set up the safety protection device. In the end, when the oil road is under pressure, it is strictly prohibited to dismantle any part of the system, especially if it can not exceed the tension and pressure that it can bear.

Through the simple introduction above, we should all know how to use it, so it is important to pay special attention to the security problem in the process of use.

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