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Application of Bridge Tensioning Prestressed Equipment Oct 26, 2017

Bridge tensioning prestressed equipment use:

Jacks are widely used in highway bridges, railway bridges, hydropower dams, high-rise buildings and other prestressed construction projects.

The high-voltage electric pump is the main power source of the prestressed hydraulic equipment. It is composed of four parts: pump, control valve, motor and body. It is specialized in all kinds of tonnage jacks, upsetting head and extruder. 

Mono Strand Pulling Jack-27T jack

card jackQYC270 jack is a pre-stressed Mono Strand Pulling Jack, dedicated to tension a single prestressed steel strand. (Tension a strand requires 20 tons of jack) Anchorage is a flat anchor.

Hydraulic Stressing Jack

YDC jack jack is mainly used for group anchor the overall tension. Reliable performance and can save the strand! YDC series jack is a versatile tensioning machine, mainly to the host, when coupled with different accessories , Can be stretched various types of anchor. Generally used is a round anchor.

Mono Strand Pulling Jack,Hydraulic Stressing Jack, bridge jack structure features:

A, tension cylinder, return cylinder are used double seal, improve the sealing reliability. Small cylinder and two cylinder, small cylinder and the rear cover and the small cylinder and the tool ring are used between the key connection to prevent rotation. Are used Grace ring or Sturgeon seal, sealed and reliable.

B, wear ring, wear-resistant sets to improve the design, to avoid the assembly of the possibility of force off, improve product reliability.

C, where the important parts of the force, have chosen high-quality alloy structure or tool steel manufacturing, improve hardness, improve strength.

Mono Strand Pulling Jack,Hydraulic Stressing Jack,bridge jack is a multi-purpose pre-tensioning tensioning equipment, easy to operate. Mainly used for single hole tensioning. But also for porous preload, tension and troubleshooting, and can be applied to a variety of sizes of high-strength steel wire and strand.

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