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Automatic mortar spraying machine, construction machinery and equipment Feb 03, 2018

The main reason that the mortar is stuck in the pipe for a long time to stay is that the mortar will have a tendency of initial setting when the mortar is still for a long time, which leads to the decrease of fluidity and the occurrence of blockage.

Cement mortar spraying machine

The main control method is to minimize downtime, if you really need to stop for a long time, you should first run out of equipment, the remaining mortar, and then shut down for pipeline cleaning.

Mortar transport, spray pressure is too high to produce plugging phenomenon, the main reason for the pressure increase in addition to mortar formulations, segregation and other issues, there are several factors:

Automatic wet mortar sprayer.jpg

The cement mortar spraying machine

One is the transport distance is too high, the height is too high lead to increased pressure.

The other is the muzzle of the muzzle of the spraying equipment which causes the pressure in the slurry conveying pipe to rise and the mortar to be transported and the pressure of the spraying equipment to rise in the pipe to cause the phenomenon of pressure bleeding in the slurry in the pipe,Generally occurs at the outlet of the slurry tube. As the pressure increases, part of the moisture in the slurry is excreted through the discharge port. If there is any problem with the seal of the slurry tube, the mortar in the port will bleed, resulting in blockage Phenomenon generation.

Automatic wet mortar sprayer

This phenomenon of plugging is a precursor, the general will have mortar delivery and spray volume decreased significantly, while the working pressure gradually increased, in which case the operator must promptly stop using the device, or with the pressure Rising, mortar pressure exacerbations, leading to more serious plugging the case, if the timely shutdown inspection, the general plugging occurs only in the discharge port, cleaning up is relatively simple.

cement mortar spraying equipment

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