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How to select the proper location to drill hole Jun 09, 2018

Selecting the proper location to drill hole:

When drilling, visuallize future breaking. Always drill more or less perpendicular to largest even area parallel to possible strata in rock

Hydraulic rock splitter03

Splitting is very inefficient when drilled hole is placed in the wrong position(Fig.#1)

First, the drilled hole is not perpendicular to the surface;and in addition,it is off center. When plug is extended, the weak side will peel off and only a small piece will break off. This type of hole placed on the side, will restrict the movement of the splitter causing the plug and feathers to bend. It is important that the tool move freely while the power is applied.

Rock with seams

Very seamy rock will break in an irregular pattern. Sometimes the split stops at the first major seam. As layers do not only move horizontally, but also vertically, the rock splitter will move accordingly. Retract the tool as soon as this movement exceeds 2inch as there is no benefit and the strain on the tool could cause breakage.

Hydraulic rock splitter02

Once a free face has been created, the rock usually will break down to the first seam below the tip of the feathers. Fig.3 shows splitter at work in this type of rock. Remember to retract plug if there is movement of the tool, as this also will avoid breaking of plug and feathers.

In seamy rock be cautious of possible rock blistering, followed by jamming of the plug and feathers. Avoid this by careful layout of the split

This drawing(Fig.2)shows the correct method to break this shape rock. Note the splitter is perpendicular to the largest area parallel to the possible sstrata in the rock. This approach will give best results in sound material.

Hydraulic rock splitter01

The rock or concrete will usually split along the flat side plane of the plug(wedge).This is a most useful feature as it permits the operator to control splitting as required. It is usually most economical to make sizes as large as can be removed with available excavating or hoising equipmnet-pieces can be made as large as several tons or as small as 1 cu.ft.