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Granite Rock Splitter Introduction Oct 20, 2017

Overview of Granite Rock Splitter:

Granite Rock Splitter consists of two parts: the hydraulic power station and the splitting gun. The splitter is driven by the ultrahigh pressure oil driven cylinder outputted by the pumping station and can be split into the intended direction by the mechanical magnification. Hydraulic station supply 60Mpa hydraulic oil to the split gun, the split gun can produce tens of tons of thrust, split the machine to promote the expansion of the two sides, the expansion of up to several hundred tons, so that the object split from the inside and separated. The structure of the splitting machine is mainly composed of hydraulic station, oil pipeline, split gun, debris and so on.

Application areas of Granite Rock Splitter:

1, the demolition of the building

The removal of reinforced concrete foundations and buildings, the partial dismantling of buildings, the dismantling of bridges and piers, and the demolition of underwater structures.

2, construction aspects

Buildings and bridges, foundation pile head removal, concrete wall openings, culverts of water conservancy hubs, excavation of rock or rock removal on hard rock, excavation and excavation of small rock tunnels, tunnels and trenches, channel dredging In the underwater rocks or buildings broken and removed.

3, rescue and disaster relief

Railway and highway collapse of the large rock and concrete split and clear, mine tunnel collapse after the collapse of large rock, earthquake or other unexpected events after the collapse of the emergency demolition of buildings and rescue.

4, mining quarry aspects

Ore two change, marble, granite, sandstone and other precious stone mining and splitting.

5, metallurgical industry

Repair of steelmaking furnaces, splitting and crushing of steel slag, broken and clear of carbon blocks in electrolytic cells of aluminum plants or other smelters. 6, highway, municipal aspects?

Asphalt pavement and cement pavement, deck maintenance and demolition, water companies, gas companies, power companies, communications companies repair and demolition work.

7, other aspects

Ports, stations, freight yard, mines and other aspects of the loading and unloading of various goods, garbage, scrap and other substances sorting, crawling and loading and unloading.