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Brief introduction of bridge prestressed jack Nov 24, 2017

YDC through jack is my company scientific research personnel through long-term research and combining with many years of production experience, with a new architecture, and the quality of material, with new structure, long service life, convenient maintenance, is the common jack upgrade and substitute products, widely used in electric bridge maintenance, repair, weight lifting, static pressure pile foundation. Settlement, bridge and ship building, especially in highway and railway construction machinery and equipment adjustment, disassembly etc..

The ultra high voltage electric hydraulic jack is a kind of electric hydraulic jack with zB high pressure pump as the power source. It can be used in heavy machinery, bridge engineering, hydraulic engineering, port construction and other industries. With the characteristics of large output force, light weight and long distance operation, with the super high pressure oil pump station in our factory, various kinds of operations such as pushing, pushing, pulling and extruding can be realized. In recent years, it has been widely used in foundation settlement test and static piling.

post tensioning hydraulic jack.jpg

Mono Strand Pulling Jack.jpg

Lock Nut Hydraulic Jack.jpg

Usage method of Hydraulic Stressing Jack:

1, before use, must check whether the Department is normal.

2, should strictly comply with the main parameters in use, avoid overloading and partial load, otherwise, when the lifting height or lifting tonnage exceeds the provisions, the top of the cylinder will be a serious oil leak.

3, if the amount of oil in the manual pump body is insufficient, it is necessary to add the N32# hydraulic oil which is fully filtered to the pump before it can work.

4, electric pump station refer to the use manual of electric pump.

5, the weight center of gravity to choose moderate, reasonable choice of focal point jack, to pad the bottom level, and to consider the ground hardness, whether liner tough wood, place is stable, so load subsidence or tilt.

6. After lifting the weight, the hollow jack should support the weight firmly with the support in time, and don't use the jack as the support (except for the self-locking Jack).

Matters needing attention of Mono Strand Pulling Jack:

1, if the use of empty play phenomenon, you can first relax the pump body on the oil screw, the pump body vertical, head down a few empty, and then tighten the oil drain screw, you can continue to use.

2, use not to load or overload, so as to avoid the risk of damage to jack. In case of load, the fast joint should not be removed so as to avoid accidents and damage parts.

3, this machine is oil as medium, oil and the machine must do maintenance work, so as to avoid blockage or leakage, affect the use effect.

4, the new or long hollow Lock Nut Hydraulic Jack, because the cylinder has more air, when starting to use, the piston rod may have a slight jump phenomenon, the hydraulic pressure can be unloaded reciprocating movement 2-3 times, in order to exclude the air inside the chamber. The long idle oil pressure top, because the seal does not work for a long time, resulting in the hardening of the seal, thus affecting the service life of the oil pressure top, so when the oil pressure top is not used, the hollow jack is required to reciprocate 2-3 times a month without load.

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