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Bridge prestressed colloidal grout mixer Oct 31, 2017

Bridge prestressed colloidal grout mixer

First, the use and characteristics of Bridge prestressed colloidal grout mixer:

Grout mixer machineintegrates automatic feeding, automatic weighing, high and low speed mixing, pumping slurry (matching, suggesting separation and installation) as a whole, used for mixing cement mortar and other slurry.

It can be widely used in highway and railway construction projects and some chemical enterprises. It has the characteristics of convenient movement, high automation, easy operation and easy to learn.

The design of the grouting car is mobile, mainly composed of automatic feeding system, automatic weighing system, microcomputer automatic control system, cement mortar mixing system, dragging frame chassis system and so on. The high speed mixing part of the equipment can be stirred up to 450 kg of slurry at a maximum rate of 2500-6000 kg per hour. It also has a low speed mixing hopper, which can store about 900 kilograms of pulp. High speed and low speed mixing can realize the feeding without feeding to the grouting equipment.

Grouting station has the advantages of novel structure, high production efficiency and good mixing quality. Fully meet the requirements of TB / T3192-2008 "railway post tensioned prestressed concrete beam pipe grouting technical conditions".

1 Automatic operation

The weight and the weight of the powder and water (kg) can be set automatically when the utility model is used, and the trolley can automatically weigh and control the weight of the feeding material on the water and the mixing time. After the high speed stirring is finished, the slurry valve is opened, the cement slurry is put into the low speed stirring tank for standby, and then the slurry valve of the high speed stirring barrel is closed, and then the material is supplied by a high-speed mixing bucket for the next time.

2 high speed mixing

The rated speed of the high-speed mixer can reach 1000 rpm / min. high speed mixing can make the powder and water fully mix.

3 low speed mixing barrel hospital sedimentation

The car is equipped with a large capacity low speed mixing drum, which can accommodate several times of high speed mixing drum of cement slurry, stirring continuously to prevent slurry flow sedimentation, to meet the continuous operation of grouting equipment.

4 equipped with drag frame system

Compact Grout Plants Station is assembled on the movable frame and can be easily pulled by other vehicles.

5 optional pump grouting system

The screw grouting equipment can be installed on the trolley to form a complete set of high-speed mixing grouting system

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