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ZTQ100 Pneumatic Crawler Drill

Description of ZTQ100 pneumatic crawler drill: 1 low-speed high-torque hydraulic motor drive rotary device output torque required for drilling operations. 2 with the cylinder to promote, so that more stable propulsion, failure rate than the motor propulsion significantly reduced. 3 two-stage filter device to effectively ensure the safety of diesel engines to extend the life of diesel engines. 4 can monitor the hydraulic system pressure and push the pressure at any time to ensure that the rig stable and efficient operation.

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Description of pneumatic crawler drill:

The unique feature of this Pneumatic Crawler Drill machine is all air motors are interchangeable for easy to repair and maintenance. The IRB 115 Crawler Drill comes in Drifter Version suitable to drill 89 mm to 115 mm diameter holes.

crawler drilling machine 1.jpg

Parameters of ZTQ100 pneumatic crawler drill:



Drilling diameter


Drilling diameter


Drilling vertical hole depth


monitor rate


Walking speed


Single climbing ability


Maximum lifting force


One push trip


Working pressure


Gas consumption


Rotational speed


Specifications of drill pipe


Total Weight


ZTQ100 pneumatic crawler drill

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ZTQ100 pneumatic crawler drill

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