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Pneumatic DTH Drilling Rig

Advantage of Pneumatic DTH Drilling Rig:
1. Long life span: the wear-resist of tungsten carbides is 10-20 times higher compared with other similar materials, which greatly extends the life of the carbide bits;
2. High drilling efficiency: the high grade hardness of the carbides can always stay sharp, which could increase the drilling speeds too;
3. New Diamond's bits are widely used in different rock formations like carbonate rock,limestone,chalk rock, clay rock,siltstone and sandstone;
4. It can greatly reduce the drilling cost, because of its high drilling speed and life span, which reduces the times to changes bits in the drilling service.

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Introductin of Pneumatic DTH drilling rig:

Pneumatic DTH drilling rig is mainly used in geological exploration, coal mine, water conservancy and hydropower, highway, railway, bridge, construction and so on.

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Parameters of Pneumatic DTH Drilling Rig


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