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Hydraulic DTH Drill Rig,hydraulic Crawler Drill Machine,Pneumatic Crawler Drill,rock Drill,Top Hammer Pneumatic,Down The Hole Drill

Hydraulic DTH Drill Rig,hydraulic Crawler Drill Machine,Pneumatic Crawler Drill,rock Drill,Top Hammer Pneumatic,Down The Hole Drill

1 aircraft structure is reasonable, the use of light. 2 auxiliary time is short, low cost characteristics.

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Introduction of DTH Drill:

QD-100 Electric DTH Drill is a new, efficient and semi-mechanized advanced rock drilling equipment designed by our own factory.

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Structural components

The drill tool consists of drill pipe, ball - tooth bit and impactor. When drilling, drill with two drill pipes. The rotary air supply mechanism is composed of a rotary motor, a rotary reducer, and a wind supply gyroscope. The rotary speed reducer is an anisotropic member enclosed by a three - stage cylindrical gear. The air supply rotary device is composed of connecting body, sealing parts, hollow spindle and drill pipe joint. The lifting pressure regulating mechanism is realized by the lifting motor with the help of the lifting reducer, lifting chain and the rotary mechanism and the drilling tool. In the closed chain system, the pressure regulating cylinder and the movable pulley group are installed. When working normally, the piston rod of the pressure regulating cylinder pushes the movable pulley group to make the drill tool realize the pressure relief drilling.

Use and Characteristic

1. The submersible drilling rig USES the motor through high-performance reducer for rotary power; The cylinder is used for propulsion. The hydraulic system is omitted, so the mechanical efficiency is high, the cost is low and the performance is stable.

2. With anti-card protection, the motor will not burn down or the reducer will not damage when the drill tool is stuck.

3. It is portable and easy to be moved. The weight of the whole drill for underground drilling is less than 500Kg, and it can be decomposed into three pieces.

4. Adopt rolling drag plate, which makes track not easy to wear.

5. The submerged drilling rig adopts semi-automatic removal of drill pipe, with high working efficiency.

 DTH driling.jpg

Parameters of DTH drill





Air pressure


Drilling diameter


Motor Power


Drilling direction


Hose Diameter


Drilling depth


 Cylinder advance stroke


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