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Crawler Mounted Anchor Drilling Rig|For Rock Mine Drilling Anchor Cable Hole Construction

1 full hydraulic control, instrument display, shaving convenient and flexible, greatly improving the efficiency and meet the needs of customers.
2 gripper can be broken from the lake bolt and casing, reducing the labor intensity of workers, poles demolition efficiency.
3 Clamping cylinder The plug is adjustable to use the Φ 60mm anchor, front and rear grippers..
The customer's request is our work standard.

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  • Product Details

Crawler Mounted Anchor Drilling Rig|For rock mine drilling anchor cable hole construction

Product description:

The Crawler Mounted Anchor Drilling Rig is integrated, with tracked walking chassis and clamping shackle. Crawler chassis moving quickly, the hole is convenient; clamping shackle can automatically remove the drill pipe and casing, reducing the labor intensity of workers to improve the construction efficiency.

Products use:

The model belongs to the crawler mounted anchor drilling, which is mainly applied to the construction of the foundation pit support and the control of the building displacement and the geological disaster control.

Crawler Mounted Anchor Drilling Rig.jpg

Product parameters:

Drilling   diameter


Drilling depth


Final hole   diameter


Drill pipe   diameter / casing diameter


Drilling angle

0-90(° )

Rotator output   speed


Rotator Output   Torque


Rotator travel


Rotator lift   force


Rotator lift   speed

0-5 adjustable   /7/23/30(m/min)

Rotor pressure


Rotary press   speed 0-10 adjustable

0-10   adjustable /14/46/59(m/min)

Walking way

crawler   walking

Climbing angle

25(° )

Crawler ground   pressure


Walking speed


Rotary mode

the whole   machine manual rotation (automatic rotation optional)

Rotary   structure

slewing   bearing


Positioning   Pins

Input power   (motor)


Shipping   status (degrees x width x height)




crawler mounted anchor drilling for sales.jpg

China Crawler Mounted Anchor Drilling Rig factory.jpg

China crawler mounted anchor drilling manufacturers .jpg

Crawler Mounted Anchor Drilling Rig quotation.jpg

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