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Crawler Drilling Rig

Feature of Crawler drilling rig
1.Hydraulic top head, hydraulic power station separated from drill body, lighten drilling rig body, and with diesel or motor, meeting the needs of various users
2.It is the first time that the rig user coring down-hole hammer, fully forward-circulation and partial reverse-circulation drilling methods domestically
3.Double top-drive head A B a variety combination can be made, to meet many drilling methods
4.Large powered, top-drive head has big torque and pull force, wide rotary speed range
5.Holder and unscrew device, working efficiently, labor saving

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  • Product Details

crawler drilling rig machineApplication:  

Anchoring drill rig mainly used in drilling soil and rock anchoring hole for prevention and treatment of geology disaster screen injection for tunnel, also suitable for supporting in deep foundation pit of hydroelectric power station, communication, energy capital construction, mini-grouting pile hole, hydrography well and high pressure jet-grouting

hydraulic crawler drill machine



Drill diameter: 110 to 220mm

Drill depth: 120 to 60m

Model of power:Hydraulic system pressure: 20MPa

Electric: Y225M-4, 45kW/1480r/min

Diesel engine: 4105, 45kW/1500r/min

Front power head:

Output speed: 0 to 30r/min

Output torque: 8000Nm

Back power head:Lifting/pushing speed: 0 to 0.16/0 to 0.21m/s

Input speed: 0 to 40/0 to 160r/min

Input torque: 3500/900Nm

Drill anger: 0 to 90

Maximum pull/maximum feeding capacity: 100000/70000N

Feeding stroke: 1700mm

Weight: 4500kg

 hydraulic DTH drill

Product details:

1, centralized controls system

It features advanced hydraulic system and air way system, All moves are centralized controlled, easy and convenience. Hydraulic pump adopt Lv pump, diesel engine connect two CBN-F540-BFHL hydraulic pump for the hydraulic system, electric engine connect two CBN-F550-BFHL hydraulic pump for the hydraulic system, adopt two 2900 model traveling hydraulic motor for travelling ,makes drilling rig more powerful when climbing and traveling .

2, reliable matched power

providing YC4D80-T21 56kw/2200rpm(Yuchai brand) diesel engine and 45kw electric engine for this drilling rig.

3, strong rotary power head

double motor (hydraulic BM6-245 motor )

4,horizontal hole drill range is 350mm-3600mm)

Can be achieved by adjusting the hydraulic cylinder to realize 350mm-3600mm range of different levels of horizontal hole drilling.

5,According to your site different requirements, we can equip the dust collector to collect all the dust during drilling work and protect the environment and workers from heavy drilling dust   

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