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Air Leg Rock Drill Worked With Air Compressor

Features of air leg rock drill
1 with gas and water linkage, fast return air legs, air pressure and other institutions.
2 control handle centralized and handle body, the new structure, easy to operate
3 compared with the same type of rock drill: light weight, low noise, high efficiency, good economic result


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Air Leg Rock Drill Worked With Air Compressor

Description of Air leg rock drill

Air leg rock drill is a new and efficient drilling machinery. Widely used in mine roadway excavation and a variety of drilling operations rock blasting, metallurgy, coal, railways, transportation, water conservancy construction and national defense stone engineering indispensable important equipment.

Parameter of Air leg rock drill:

Air leg rock drill

Operating instruction of Air leg rock drillair leg rock drill.png

Operation Using Air leg rock drill for the first time When the rock drill arrives from the factory, the inside of the machine is coated with heavy oil to prevent corrosion. After unpacking and installing the machine, pour a small amount of lubrication oil into the air connection and operate the machine on partial throttle to clean the interior. Follow this immediately with a liberal amount of air tool oil. The rock drill and pusher leg are lubricated with oil mixed with compressed air, which is taken to the parts that need continuous lubrication. Oil is metered into the compressed air using the FY200A lubricator connected to the air line. 

Preparations before starting 

  1. Check the drilling equipment Check that all of the drilling equipment is in good working order.Check that the impact surface of the drill steel shank is flat with no signs of wear. Make sure that the air inlet and exhaust ports are free from obstructions. Check that the flushing holes in the drill steel and drill bit are not blocked and that the flushing air/water flows through without obstruction. Ensure that the fittings are tight and leak-proof. WARNING A compressed air hose that comes loose can lash around and cause personal injury or death. Check that the compressed.air conections are not damaged and that they are properly attached

2. Blow out the air hose Every day before using the drill, blow out the air hose to clear it from accumulated dirt and moisture. 

3. Check the lubrication oil level h Fill the lubricator with oil if necessary. h Always use a recommended lubricant. Lubricant recommendation Use a mineral-based air tool oil Ambient temperature ºC Viscosity grade (ISO 3448) -30 to 0 ISO VG 32-68 -10 to +20 ISO VG 68-100 +10 to +50 ISO VG 100-150 7 

4. Air/water pressure and hose dimensions Air pressure Ensure that the compressor can deliver the required air pressure of 5 bar at the machine. h High pressure (>6.3 bar) causes rough operation and damage. h Low pressure (<4 bar) results in a slow drilling speed. Water pressure Set the water preassure to around 3 bar. Maximum water pressure is 1 bar less than the working pressure. For example if the air pressure is 5 bar, the water pressure must be below 4 bar to prevent water entering the impact mechanism. Air hose dimensions The air hose diameter for model 7655 must be no less than 25 mm and no less than 19 mm for model 7655D. The inner diameter of connection nipples and hoses must be no less than 19 mm. The ideal overall air hose length is less than 15m. Water hose dimensions The water hose inner diameter for model 7655 and 7655D must be no less than ½". 

5. Prevent freezing In low ambient temperatures, ice can form in the machine. This can be avoided if the water in the compressed air is removed. This can be done by equipping the air lines with water separators and drainage points for water condensate. If the rock drill ices up, it must not be heated to melt the ice. Let the ice thaw at room temperature. Do not pour methylated spirits or similar substances into the rock drill, as they will interfere with the lubrication and lead to increased wear. Fitting and removing the drill steel Before fitting the drill steel h Check that the drill steel shank is of the correct size and length for the chuck used. The shank must be clean and the drill steel must be in good condition. The suitable quenching hardness of the shank is HRC48-53. A harder end face will cause piston damage and breakage of the end face of the piston. If the shank face is too soft it will be easily deformed by the piston which will result in difficulty in removing the drill steel. The shank end face shall be flat and perpendicular to the axis. Remove sharp edges from the shank's end face. A rough shank surface will cause premature piston failure. Inspect the drill steel: A dull drill steel will slow down the drilling speed and overstrain the drill mechanism. When changing drill steel make sure that the new one is the correct size to follow your previous bore.

Air leg rock drill

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