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Drilling Rods With 42-108MM Used In Various Drilling Rig

1.Have a long service life, and it use 45MnMoB.
2.Drill rod is the steel pipe whitch has the thread in the bottom of the pipe.
3.Our drill rod can work under a huge inner and outer pressure, and bear the twisted and vibrating environment.
4.It can reduce the work intensity of our drillers. We can reduce costs to enhance efficiency.
5.Our company can provide a large demand of drill rod with the high quality and the nice after-sales service.

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Drilling rods with 42-108MM used in various drilling rig

Drilling rods has two kinds of dry-type and wet-type, which has specifications of diameter 26mm, 28mm, 30mm, 38mm, 40mm, etc...As the manufacturer of coal drill rod we can supply you with all of your drilling needs. They are used for electric coal drill anchor bar, which is ideal and necessary tools for coal mine exploitation and shoring.

drill rod-01a

drill rod-02

Specification of drill rod:

DiameterPart No.Thread

Wall thicknessLengthWrench flatsWeight
2.8773HDP-73X3-52 3/8" API REG0.19759.8432.2445731
2.8773HDP-73X3-82 3/8" API REG0.31589.8432.2445738

376HDP-76X1-5.52 3/8" API REG0.2175.53.2812.2445717
376HDP-76X1.5-5.52 3/8" API REG0.2175.54.921.52.2445722
376HDP-76X2-5.52 3/8" API REG0.2175.56.5622.2445726
376HDP-76X3-5.52 3/8" API REG0.2175.59.8432.2445735
376HDP-76X4.5-5.52 3/8" API REG0.2566.514.764.52.2445756
376HDP-76X6-5.52 3/8" API REG0.2566.519.6962.2445773

3.589HDP-89X3-8.52 3/8" API REG0.3358.59.8432.5596566
3.589HDP-89X4-8.52 3/8" API REG0.3358.513.1242.5596579
3.589HDP-89X4.5-8.52 3/8" API REG0.3358.514.764.52.5596585.5
3.589HDP-89X5-8.52 3/8" API REG0.3358.516.4052.5596592
3.589HDP-89X6-8.52 3/8" API REG0.3358.519.6962.55965105

4102HDP-102X3-8.52 3/8", 2 7/8" API REG / IF0.3358.59.8432.9927672
4102HDP-102X4-8.52 3/8", 2 7/8" API REG / IF0.3358.513.1242.9927692
4102HDP-102X4.5-8.52 3/8", 2 7/8" API REG / IF0.3358.514.764.52.99276101
4102HDP-102X5-8.52 3/8", 2 7/8" API REG / IF0.3358.516.4052.99276130
4102HDP-102X6-8.52 3/8", 2 7/8" API REG / IF0.3358.519.6962.99276150

4.5114HDP-114X3-8.53 1/2" API REG / IF0.3358.59.8433.5048989
4.5114HDP-114X4-8.53 1/2" API REG / IF0.3358.513.1243.50489110
4.5114HDP-114X4.5-8.53 1/2" API REG / IF0.3358.514.764.53.50489121
4.5114HDP-114X5-8.53 1/2" API REG / IF0.3358.516.4053.50489133
4.5114HDP-114X6-8.53 1/2" API REG / IF0.3358.519.6963.50489154

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