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Stone Rock Handle Splitter Wedges And Shims In Stock

1.) Mainly rely on manpower, therefore labor intensive, and have difficult working conditions.
2.) Suitable for exposed ore, cranny-upgrowth efflorescence ore belt, particularly for naturally formed multi-free surfaces ores, and arch stones with one or two surfaces connected with original rock.
3.) Suitable for mining where lack of power, water supply.
4.) Suitable for quarrying layered ores which are either horizontal or gently inclined, have layer depth around 1.5m.
5.) Can apply desegregation and separation of large stone blocks quarried through other methods.
6.) It is easy to handle with and maintains its value in mines of which have better rock fracturing performance and low mechanical level.

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Description of splitter wedge:

*These traditional tools have been used for eons in the stone indurstry and are still among the most cost-effective tools for splitting stone.

rock splitter is a kind of manual tools that uses manpower to impact the metal wedge into holes on stone, thereby split stone. It is mainly used in splitting cracked stone and arch stone which by utilizing a wedge set can be separated into smaller or standard stone blocks. Wedge can also trim relative large and irregular stone blocks.

Each set  rock splitter consists of a metal wedge (the plug), and two shims (the feathers). The feathers are wide at the bottom, and tapered and curved at the top. When the two feathers are placed on either side of the plug, the combined width of the set is the same at both ends. The depth of drilled hole depends on the length of wedge. 

Specification of splitter wedge:


rock splitter wedge-01rock splitter wedge-02

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