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Rock Splitter Splitting Machine manufacturer with proper price and moral price

feature of ZT Jdl series rock splitter.
1 we can provide five diffrent power output machine of which you can choose the most suitble one for your situation.
2 The price is only one quarter of a so called Japanese brand
3 someone think that all we can provide is a shuddy equipment with low price,yet we sell it overseas and it works pretty well.
4. we hold a slogan which goes don't ever take customer as a sheild of revenous desire.

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The splitting machine, also known as the splitting machine, the splitter, the rock crusher, the mountain machine, etc., can be divided into four types according to the type of power station: electric type, diesel type, gasoline type, and air motor. According to the split gun material can be divided into: steel split gun and aluminum split gun. It can also be classified according to the size of the split gun power. This product is mainly used for the mining operation of building stone; the secondary disintegration of large ore (metal or non-metallic ore); the partial and complete demolition of concrete components (cement pavement, machine tool foundation, bridge and building components); natural stone mining Split, broken. Compared with the traditional operation modes in the above fields, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, high efficiency, low cost, safety, energy saving and the like. Compared with similar foreign products, it has a very high cost performance (about 1/4 of the price of foreign products). This product is especially suitable for secondary splitting of large rocks and is an ideal device that can completely replace blasting and manual disintegration.

parameter of ZT JDL series splitting machine
modelJDL36                 JDL38                JDL40                    JDL42                       JDL45
drilling diameter (mm)36                         38                        40                          42                          42                 
cylinder inner diameter(mm)80/150               80/195                80/195                  90/225                   90/225
minnimum drilling depth(mm)≥300                    ≥400                 ≥500                       ≥600                      ≥800
wedge length(mm150                       220                    250                         300                         380
gun total length(mm)720                       940                    970                        1030                        1100
crack width(mm) 10-40                10-40                 10-40                      10-40                     10-40                                                
splitting time (mm)5-12                    5-12                  5-12                         5-12                       5-12
technical splitting forth(T)615                      615                    680                           780                        826
actual forth(T)320                      380                    420                           480                        500
total weight (KG)14                        16                       17                             23                           24

ZT rock splitter #3

ZT rock splitter opration outdoor

ZT JDL series rock splliter

rock splitter

                         packaging:    wooden box with inner double blister
                             delivery: any port in China
                            payment:   TT   L/C in China

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