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Rock Splitter For Sale

Feature of Hydraulic rock splitter:
1. The product is light, easy to operate and safe to use. The static blaster weighs about 25KG.
2. Mature technology and reliable quality.
3. High work efficiency and outstanding cost performance.
4. The hydraulic static blasting machine has a single shot of nearly 500 tons of static explosion force, and a splitting section can reach more than 1.5 square meters.

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Application of Hydraulic rock splitter:

1. Mining of mine stone: granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, etc.

2. Bridge pier removal

3. Methods of line drilling

4. Breaking reinforced slabs-pillows

Preparation for the procedure:

The working principle of Piston rock splitter is based on two counter wedges inserted in a pre-drilled hole. A hydraulic cylinder pushes out a centre wedge between the counter wedges to spread them apart and the rock is forced to crack. To maximise the splitter’s effectiveness, the 3-step approach below is highly recommended:

1st Step: Insert half of the total length of wedge and operate the Piston splitter to split.

2nd Step: Then insert about ¾ of the total length of the wedge to split again.

3rd Step: Finally, insert the total length of the wedge and split to complete.

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