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Rock Breaker Suppliers

Feature of Hydraulic rock splitter:
1.SAFETY: Rock splitting is done without any explosives, pollution or noise, reducing the risk of fly rock.
2.PRODUCTIVITY: Offers highest possible productivity due to large wedge diameter and very high splitting force.
3.DURABILITY: Designed with minimal parts and provides precise finishing, ensuring product reliability and durability.
4.ACCURACY: Direction of splitting and the size of the split can be determined in advanced. Offers more accuracy than explosives.

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Application of Hydraulic rock splitter:

1. Mining of mine stone: granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, etc.
2. Mining of metal ores, non-metallic mines and coal mines.
3, the mining of large pieces of stone: It can achieve the secondary split and fracture of a block of thousands of cubic meters;
4. Segmentation of large blocks: The split of blocks up to 1 cubic meter can be realized.)
5, clear large waste rock, dead ends, obstacles, leveling the venue.

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Preparation for the procedure:

1. Drilling splitter using a large size hydraulic crawler drill or jumbo drill rig. We recommend drilling in a staggered pattern with 500 - 700 mm of spacing between holes

2. Splitting Insert the wedge into the hole and split the rock. Position the wedge so that it is splitting towards the free face. To maximise the splitter’s productivity, it is very important that the splitter is splitting towards a free face.

3. Secondary breaking Break the already split rock into smaller pieces and remove it with a conventional excavator with a rock breaker. Removing the broken rock will keep the free face close to where the splitter is working. Secondary breaking and splitting can be conducted simultaneously.

4. Mucking Remove the muck using a hydraulic excavator, wheel loader or similar machine. 

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