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Piston Rock Splitter|new Method For Breaking Concrete

Application of piston rock splitter:
1. Quarrying and mining industry
2. Construction work
3. Demolition project
4. Chemical, smelting, overhaul engineering
5. Rescue

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Piston Rock Splitter|New Method For Breaking Concrete


Description of piston rock splitter:

The piston rock splitteris mainly composed of two parts: high hydraulic pump station and split rod. 140-180MP The output of the ultrahigh pressure oil pump station acts on the wall of the split body, and the rock is split in the predetermined direction at (1600t).

   piston rock splitter equipment-06oppiston rock splitter-03


The piston hydraulic splitter is mainly composed of two parts: a power unit and a splitter. The output force of the 140-180MP ultra-high pressure oil pumping station acts on the wall of the split body, and the rock is cracked under a large force in a predetermined direction.


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